Longevity: the protein that extends life by "cleaning" cells is discovered in DNA

    A new study has discovered the protein that slows aging and extends life.

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    A protein that extends life. We have it in our DNA and its mutation could delay aging and protect us from some diseases, more or less serious, thanks to its power to "self-clean" the cells in which it is contained.

    This was claimed by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, who conducted a study thanks to which they were able to identify the extraordinary power of the so-called protein Beclin-1, already identified in a previous Alzheimer's study.

    Thus, if concerts and simple daily gestures are authentic elixir of long life, the work of our own cells is also enough, which are able to dispose of unwanted or toxic substances that can damage cellular health.

    The object of the research was the Becn1 gene which encodes the Beclin-1 protein. This would have a fundamental role in the autophagy process, which allows the cells to degrade the dead components and to recycle them. The more the cells "clean up" the more life seems to last longer and health tends to improve.

    In this way, the scientists understood that the usefulness of this protein is not only linked to Alzheimer's, but it seems that beclin-1 protein is also able to extend life by more than 11%. This happens because as aging slows down, the development of all related diseases would also be delayed. And, conversely, as we get older this process is reduced.

    This is why a Beclin-1 mutation would avoid the reduction of this mechanism.

    In practice, Beclin-1 comes into play when the organism is invaded by foreign bodies, activating the immune system which proceeds to destroy them. Activation of this protein could thus be useful in cancer prevention and increase life expectancy by 10%.

    For the future, therefore, it could be hoped that science will be able to act voluntarily on the Beclin-1 protein, thus diverting old age, but above all by preserving the onset of certain diseases. In the meantime, it is enough for us to know that a healthy and active life and a pinch of happiness are already excellent elixir of youth.

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