Linden: properties, uses and where to find it

Linden: properties, uses and where to find it

Linden: how and when to use it? The flowers have the most important therapeutic properties of the lime tree, but also the outermost bark (called "sapwood") reserves fabulous surprises.

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lime: how and when to use it? To possess the most important therapeutic properties of the lime tree are the fiori, but also the outermost cortex (called "sapwood“) Holds fabulous surprises for us.

With its sedative, anxiolytic and antispasmodic action, lime is perfect for adults and children.


Properties and uses of the lime tree

Linden contains active ingredients such as polyphenols, flavonoids (tyliroside), mucilage and essential oils. Its flowers are mainly used in the form of an infusion.

Linden against fever and cough

The infusion of lime has the characteristic of promote sweating during acute infectious febrile diseases or colds and is the most suitable natural remedy in case of airway disorders in children, because the mucilages found mainly in the flowers have a mucolytic and anti-inflammatory property against cough and phlegm.

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Linden to relax

In herbal medicine, linden flowers are also useful againstinsomnia, tachycardia, states of anxiety, nervousness e headache. The lime, in fact, has a relaxing action on the circulatory system, causing a lowering of pressure. No contraindications in cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding, but first consult your doctor!

For the infusion: put 2 grams of the plant in a cup of boiling water and let it rest for about 10 minutes.

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Linden for the skin

Used as a tonic after cleansing the face, linden infusion purifies and refreshes the skin, relaxes wrinkles and helps in cases of skin redness. For the same reason, an external pack with lime blossom decoction is effective for sunburn, sunburn and dermatitis.

Eye packs: soak some gauze compresses in a lime infusion and apply them on the eyes to obtain a decongesting and refreshing action on dark circles and swollen and inflamed eyelids.

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Where and how is the lime tree found

The lime tree is mostly found in herbalist's shop or in pharmacies with a homeopathic department not only in the form of dried flowers, but also in drops and capsules (the glycemic macerate Tilia tormentosa MG 1 DH is the most used in case of hypertension) and mother tincture.

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The intake of lime-based preparations should be avoided if you suffer from heart disease or hypersensitivity to one or more components.

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