High Cholesterol: This "drug-effective chocolate bar" for lowering it

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According to a new study, consuming some chocolate with peanuts would help lower bad cholesterol.

Il high cholesterol it consists of an accumulation of a fatty substance, called cholesterol, in the blood. Excess cholesterol can lead to blockage of blood vessels, heart problems and strokes.

A new study has identified a food surprisingly effective in lowering cholesterol levels. It is a particular chocolate bar that, according to the researchers, could be "as effective as i drugs " to reduce cholesterol. The latter, in fact, does not cause many noticeable symptoms, but its accumulation in the body can cause serious problems and that is why many are prescribed a statin drug to lower the amount of LCD produced by their body. There search its purpose was precisely to demonstrate how certain foods could have an equally beneficial effect on cholesterol as medicines, identifying a food alternative that was particularly effective in doing so: a nut-based chocolate bar.

Walnuts have previously been linked to positive effects on cholesterol - for example, they are a good source of unsaturated fat that can keep it in check. In addition, their fiber content helps block the absorption of some of the cholesterol into the bloodstream from the intestine. (Read also: Wonderful nuts! Eating three a day improves your bowel and reduces heart attacks and strokes. The new confirmation)

Consuming about a handful a day should work; however, the study not only looked at chocolate bars, but other snacks such as smoothies as well. The foods under study were specifically created to contain a mix of fibers, plant sterols, omega 3 fatty acids ALA and antioxidants.

Additionally, participants were told not to make any other significant lifestyle changes. They ate the cholesterol-lowering snacks twice a day for 30 days. After following this protocol, their cholesterol dropped an average of 9% and in some cases the participants benefited from one reduction of more than 30%.

Based on the results observed in our study, using this type of food as a therapeutic approach broadens the options for medical professionals and patients, ”said Stephen Kopecky, MD, FACC, cardiologist and director of the Statin Intolerance Clinic at Mayo. Clinic. "Many patients who are unwilling or unable to take statins may be able to help manage their high cholesterol or hyperlipidemia with realistic food-based intervention."

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