Headache: Cutting down on salt can help decrease attacks

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The less salt in your diet, the fewer headache episodes. These are the results of a new research

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Il sale it's a food that we should all reduce a bit, given that too much is generally consumed both as a condiment at the table and because it is "hidden" in most packaged products. However, new research has now highlighted how salt can be particularly harmful to those suffering from headache.

According to the study, led by a team from John Hopkins University and published in the British medical journal, reducing salt consumption to those 3 grams maximum recommended by the community of international experts, they could reduce headache episodes by up to 31%.

Limit your use of salt to that half a teaspoon it is useful against headaches as it contributes to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate, obviously the benefit will be felt not only by those who suffer from frequent episodes of this nuisance but also by those who have it only sporadically.

The research took a sample about 400 people, one group was fed a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and low in saturated fat, while another was fed a more "Western" diet. All without distinction, however, consumed 30 grams of salt daily in a first period of 9 days and then passed to 6 and finally to 3 in the following 60 days of monitoring.

Each participant had to fill out a questionnaire in which he reported any side effects and health problems encountered: headache, excessive thirst, loss of energy, nausea and more.

As stated Lawrence Appel, author of the study, it has been seen that it is precisely the intake of salt that makes the difference with respect to headaches and not the other dietary precautions:

“The reduced salt intake was able to stem the problem while the diets had no effect. Reducing salt may be a new approach to reduce headaches ”.

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