Flax seeds: 10 uses you don't expect in cooking and for beauty

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Flax seeds are among the most beneficial "health seeds" for our body. Here's how to use them in the kitchen and in cosmetics.

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Small and infinitely precious! THE flax seed (Linum usitatissimum) are among the most beneficial "seeds of health" for our body. They represent one of the richest vegetable sources of omega3, are low in cholesterol and sodium and rich in fatty acids, fibers and vitamins.

For these and many other reasons they are particularly recommended for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, but in general they are an excellent food for everyone. And not only that, because one can also be made of flax seeds cosmetic use: from hair wraps to skin softening gels, flax seeds are valid beauty allies.

In addition, fromlinseed oil a natural food supplement is obtained to be taken in case of constipation or useful for promoting the proper functioning of the intestine. It also relieves the hassles of menopause, helps reduce cholesterol levels and prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The uses of flax seeds in cooking and for beauty

As for our well-being at the table, you already know that 3 teaspoons are the daily dose of flax seeds that experts recommend. To use them concretely there are several ways:

1) In raw salad and with cooked vegetables

Flax seeds are great when chopped coarsely (they are already very small) and added to your fresh salad, but also to raw fennel or carrots. You can also spread them at the end of cooking on other boiled, grilled or sautéed vegetables.

2) In soups

If you love soups and soups, oil seeds such as flax seeds are for you to complete the benefits of such a dish. Remember that it is always better not to cook the seeds, but dust them only at the end of cooking.

3) For the bread

If you have the fantastic habit of making bread at home, add a teaspoon or two to the recipe mixture you usually use, to enhance its flavor and increase its nutritional properties.

4) Acqua, yogurt or kefir

If your problem is constipation, don't forget to prepare a glass of water the night before in which to pour a tablespoon of flaxseed. The next morning, all the mucilages present in the seeds will be released and will be a cure-all for your intestine. Drink the water after filtering the seeds. The same effect can be obtained by using milk-based kefir or yogurt for breakfast or as a snack.

5) Centrifuged or extracted

Even centrifuged or extracts, you can enrich them with flax seeds! In this case, it is better to chop them very finely and insert them directly into the glass in which you poured your extract.

Moreover, especially for the hair and the skin is the use that can be made of flax seeds in cosmetics:

6) Hair pack

To be applied on damp hair before shampooing, with flax seeds you can create a nourishing compress to be used at the moment. Pour two tablespoons of flax seeds and 250 ml of water into a saucepan, bring to a boil and then let it rest overnight. Filter the liquid obtained and add a few drops of olive oil, sweet almond or wheat germ.

If your hair is particularly damaged, add half a well-ripe pureed banana or half a glass of plain or soy yogurt to the mixture.

7) Antiforfora
A few drops of flaxseed oil to massage on the scalp before shampooing can reduce the problem of dandruff.

8) Nutrient gel

Un nourishing fixative for hair instead of commercial products? Just put 30 grams of flax seeds in a tea infuser and place it in a pan of 200 ml of water. Simmer for 5 minutes and rest everything until the gel forms. At this point, you can add two tablespoons of lemon juice and transfer the gel to a glass jar, to be kept in the fridge for up to a week.

9) Face mask

Very useful for smoothing and nourishing our face is a mask based on two tablespoons of flax seeds to which must be added a tablespoon of honey and four tablespoons of hot water. The mixture is obtained simply by chopping the flax seeds and mixing them with water and honey. The compound is then applied to the face and left on for a quarter of an hour, and then rinsed (Source).

10) Inflammations of the skin

Linseed oil can also be used in cosmetics, especially for its soothing, nourishing, emollient and healing properties.

Where are flax seeds found

Flax seeds can be found on sale in health food stores and organic and natural food stores, but also online or in areas of supermarkets dedicated to natural supplements or organic products. In any case, it is good to choose organic flax seeds such as those from the Coop green vivi line.

That is why a safe purchase is Coop Green Live Organic Flaxseed. Sold dry in packs of 250 grams, they are characterized by the high content of thiamine, which contributes to normal heart function, and for the high content of magnesium, which reduces the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue and contributes to the normal functioning of the heart. nervous system.

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