Firstborn children: they are more at risk of being overweight and its consequences

    Firstborn children: they are more at risk of being overweight and its consequences

    A little research has shown that firstborn children are more prone to overweight and obesity with the serious consequences that these can entail

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    Children firstborn they are considered to be those who pave the way for the brothers and sisters to come later. In particular, they make the first battles to get more "rights" from their parents, they take care of their younger siblings and are at least partly made more responsible. But on a physical level, what are the differences? New research claims that the firstborn they are more at risk of obesity, overweight and related consequences.

    The study, conducted byUniversity of Auckland and published in Scientific Reports, he analyzed 26 first-born and 24 second-born males aged 40 to 50, subjecting them to a series of analyzes to assess their state of health. What the researchers noticed is precisely that the older children were more overweight, they were not sick with diabetes but compared to their younger brothers they had an organism that made it more difficult to transform the sugars introduced with food into energy useful for the various functions of the body.

    This obviously does not mean that the firstborn will necessarily get sick but that they have an increased risk of developing metabolic diseases, as well as suffering from heart attacks and the appearance of tumors.

    Why older children are more likely to be overweight is not very clear to scientists but the explanation (still to be verified) that they have given is that this depends on some mechanisms that would occur in the mother's body during the first pregnancy and then no more in subsequent ones. For example the fact that the arteries that feed the placenta they are maturing in the first pregnancy, so they feed a little less the first child who is often born smaller than the following ones and will then regain weight after birth.

    Obviously, it is the same scholars who emphasize the fact that this little research needs to be done in order to give certain results be expanded on a larger scale.

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