Drinking wine or beer in moderation makes you live longer. Word of science

Drinking a lot of alcohol exposes you to various health risks but consuming two glasses of wine or beer a day is confirmed as a good habit, at least to keep aging at bay. According to new research that has linked moderate alcohol consumption with a longer life expectancy.

Drinking a lot of alcohol exposes you to several health risks, but consume two glasses of wine or beer a good habit is confirmed every day, at least to keep aging at bay. To say it a new research that has linked a moderate consumption of alcohol with one more long life expectancy.

Improvements in the medical field and in people's lifestyle continue to add years to the average lifespan (though quality doesn't always improve along with it!). In the meantime, science tries to understand if there are some foods or drinks that can promote longevity and obviously does so through various kinds of research.

Now comes good news for wine or beer aficionados - drinking every day without overdoing it can help you live longer. According to "The 90+ study," presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting, people who live to be 90 or older in most cases drink alcohol in moderation.

To say this was the neurologist Claudia Kawas and her team from the University of California who studied the lifestyle and characteristics of a group of 1700 people between the ages of 90 and 99. Specifically, information on eating habits, medical history and daily activities was requested via a survey. In this way we wanted to understand, by comparing the data, if it was possible to identify points in common between those who live longer.

The results were very clear: drinking two glasses of beer or wine every day corresponds to an 18% decrease in the risk of premature death. The explanation of why this happens is not clear, the data in fact do not show causality but only show that there is a link between drinking in moderation and longevity.

Regular physical activity and having a hobby for two hours a day are also habits associated with a longer life expectancy, according to the study. Surprisingly, then, people who were overweight (but not obese) in old age lived longer than normal or underweight people.

Returning to the alleged benefits of alcohol on longevity, further scientific confirmation is necessary, so let's avoid considering wine or beer as drinks of eternal youth. It must also be considered that alcohol, if it can do well on the one hand, could also be a risk on the other. In fact, there is a number of researches that indicate that the benefits of wine and beer may not outweigh the risks. Those who drink alcohol regularly are, for example, more exposed to the risk of getting breast, colon, esophagus, larynx and oral cavity cancer.

In short, is a glass of wine with a meal good for you or not? The answer is still not entirely clear.

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