Detox water: the best flavored water against water retention according to the nutritionist

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During the summer when it is very hot we must ensure the right hydration by increasing the consumption of water. But are there other drinks suitable to refresh and purify us? We asked "our" nutritionist.

Drinking lots of water is one of the secrets to staying healthy and staying young for longer. Generally, especially in summer, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, this is because in the heat there is greater loss of liquids and mineral salts.

However, this does not mean that we must reach 2 liters only and exclusively with water. But what can we drink? We definitely need to try to avoid packaged drinks like iced tea or sugar-rich fruit juices. We can then orient ourselves on detox waters as suggested by the nutritionist Flavio Pettirossi.

Especially in summer we are met by seasonal fruit and vegetables (cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, tomato, courgette, peach, melon, red fruits) which in fact have a water content, on average, of 80-90% (cucumber, food richer in water contains 96,7%, lettuce, celery and watermelon 95%, tomato 94,3%), with which it is possible to prepare flavored water at home which, thanks to the beneficial properties of the substances contained in fruit and vegetables used to flavor, improve our metabolism and help the immune system. The flavored waters originate in America where they are very popular under the name of detox water. Detox waters represent any infusion of water that helps eliminate toxins accumulated in our body and improve our health.

What ingredients are they made with?

The main ingredient is obviously water: different ingredients are added to this according to the goal you want to achieve or the problems you want to solve. Usually the ingredients that can be used are fruits, vegetables, spices and aromas (turmeric, ginger, mint, basil, etc.) and based on the basic nutritional properties we would have different effects: detoxifying, refreshing, draining, antioxidant etc.

How are they prepared?

Preparing the flavored waters is really simple, just pour cold water (usually 1L) into a jug and add all the chosen ingredients. For a greater release of nutrients, the fruits, vegetables and vegetables that we are going to add must be slightly crushed. At this point we put our water in the refrigerator for at least 4-5 hours (they can also be left for longer depending on the intensity of the taste that we want, in fact the more time passes the more obviously the aroma will be intense). You can then drink the water directly with fresh fruit or filter it.

Dr. Pettirossi recommends us in particular a flavored water perfect for detox and water retention.

Detox water for water retention

The ingredients to use are: watermelon, berries and mint. Watermelon contains 90% of water, for this reason it is very useful to replenish the losses that occur in summer with high temperatures, it also has the ability to regenerate the tissues of our body thanks to the stimulation of the growth hormone that , in synergy with insulin, it helps to normalize blood glucose levels and therefore is useful for blood sugar control. Watermelon also contains the amino acid citrulline which is converted into arginine which protects the brain and contributes to maintaining physical fitness. The berries (blueberries, raspberries, currants) instead are a concentrate of vitamin C and potassium and antioxidants useful in case of hypertension, water retention, rheumatism, liver and cardiovascular diseases. Finally, mint, thanks to its menthol content, promotes proper digestion, eliminates intestinal gas and promotes appetite. 

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