Covid-19: trained people with medium or high physical capacity have a lower risk of hospitalization

New study shows people with greater physical and aerobic capacity have a lower risk of hospitalization for Covid-19

A new study shows that people with medium or high physical capacity, therefore who play sports constantly and are trained, have a lower risk of hospitalization due to Covid-19.

On the prevention front, in this scenario full of uncertainty in which all the details useful to deal with the new SARS-CoV-2 virus are not yet known, new research arrives that provides us with an interesting indication.

The study, conducted by experts from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit (USA) and published in "Mayo Clinic Proceedings", concludes that the maximum exercise capacity determined by a stress test before SARS-CoV-2 infection is independently and inversely associated with the likelihood of hospitalization for COVID-19.

In simple terms, the more you have a trained physique and equipped with a certain exercise capacity, lower are the risks in case of contracting the virus.

To make this claim, the researchers analyzed data from those patients who had undergone stress tests in the hospital between 2016 and 2020. In particular, they focused on those who were then tested positive for coronavirus, 246 in total. Of these patients, 36% (89) ended up in hospital, which corresponded to those who had the worst results in the stress test in parameters such as lung capacity, fatigue resistance or in the electrocardiogram data.

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Since respiratory viral infections, such as that caused by SARS-CoV-2, cause an inflammatory response that places a major load on the cardiopulmonary system, having greater cardiorespiratory fitness reflects greater cardiopulmonary reserve and the body's ability to respond to a external agent.

Fitness is influenced by age, genetics and the presence of chronic diseases but also by physical activity, in particular by structured training. Cardio-respiratory training improves immune function, reduces low-grade inflammation, and reduces the risk of respiratory infections.

Therefore, the work of American experts shows how regular exercise, along with other important aspects such as diet, rest or stress management, have a decisive impact on our immune system and our defense capacity against infections such as COVID-19.

If this study is confirmed, it seems that closing gyms, swimming pools and sports centers was not a winning move in order to promote the health of citizens (it being understood that we can continue walking, running outdoors or cycling).

To date, the best weapon we have to protect ourselves from viruses remains to act on our lifestyle which must be as healthy as possible.

Fonte: Science Direct / Mayo Clinic Proceedings

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