Coronavirus: in Mantua another 20 patients recovered thanks to plasma therapy

    Coronavirus: in Mantua another 20 patients recovered thanks to plasma therapy

    After the first successes, plasma therapy against coronavirus in Mantua has led to the healing of another 20 patients and could help another 500

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    A few days ago the news of Pamela, the young pregnant woman who tested positive for coronavirus and healed in Mantua thanks to hyperimmune plasma therapy.

    A large success replicated in twenty other patients who managed to overcome the disease through the transfusion of plasma from cured people, containing antibodies.

    The haematologist Massimo Franchini, head of the transfusion center of the Carlo Poma hospital in Mantua, informed the Agi.

    During the three weeks of experimentation, the personnel working in Mantua were able to verify the effectiveness of the therapy, which works quickly even in patients with severe symptoms. However, timely intervention seems decisive, to allow for a rapid improvement, which occurs from a few hours to a few days.

    “Many things have been observed. First of all, the type of patient on whom passive immunotherapy works, that is, one who already has medium-severe respiratory distress syndrome and has had the onset of the disease for less than 10 days.
    From what we have been able to observe, the precocity of the intervention seems decisive in plasma therapy ”, explained Dr. Franceschini.

    The therapy, in addition to being effective, does not have a high cost and does not present problems of availability, since it derives from the human blood of recovered patients. Dr. Franceschini made it known that in Mantua, thanks to the hundreds of donors, plasma will continue to be produced: every day a biologist is engaged in the selection of volunteers who want to donate blood.

    In this way, the therapy may soon come to at least 500 other patients, including those hospitalized in Lombard facilities who have requested to be able to join the clinical trial.

    Furthermore the plasma could be used for prevent disease in the most exposed people to the virus or most at risk, including healthcare personnel.

    Therapy could then be an important tool in anticipation of a possible wave of contagion during the next autumn, for fto establish any new outbreaks in the bud.

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    Reference source: AGI

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