Coronavirus: New plasma study in Mantua for repeatedly positive asymptomatic patients

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A new and innovative on hyperimmune plasma to treat repeatedly positive subjects for Covid-19 has been authorized in Mantua

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A new and innovative on hyperimmune plasma has been authorized in Mantua, and is aimed at asymptomatic adults repeatedly positive for Sars-CoV-2 who are unable to eliminate the virus.

After the Plasma-Covid-19 Mantua-Pavia study and the Rescue study, the Val Padana Ethics Committee gives the green light to the Clean study with the aim of 'persistently eradicating the virus through the administration of 1 or 2 units of hyperimmune plasma, thus ending the quarantine for positive subjects', explains the Asst of Mantua in a note.

As we said, the study is aimed at asymptomatic adult subjects repeatedly positive for Sars-CoV-2 who are unable to eliminate the virus, probably due to a state of acquired immunosuppression, as happens in elderly people and cancer patients. positive results that the treatment with plasma of the people recovered from Covid-19 is giving. In Novara, the trial began on April 15 and has already given important results to date: the plasma taken from the first donor and transfused to a person in intensive care worked from the start. Plasma, in fact, thanks to its high concentration of specific antibodies, “is able to effectively and safely break down the viral load for the patient”.

Hyperimmune plasma therapy: where we are, how it works and the results obtained

The studio is entirely made in Mantua and involves various structures of the Poma: the Service Center, directed by Angela Bellani; Infectious Diseases with the director Salvatore Casari; the Emergency Medicine and First Aid of Mantua, directed by Massimo Amato; Aat 118, directed by Pierpaolo Parogni; Laboratory Medicine, directed by Beatrice Caruso. The two authors of the study are satisfied, the director of Pneumology Giuseppe de Donno and the director of Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine Massimo Franchini.

“It is no longer a time for controversy but only for the search for serenity. For this reason, after the Rescue protocol, aimed at the elderly, we have created the Clean protocol. We will see the effects shortly ”, writes De Donno on his social networks.

The project, according to the professor, will allow to extend the indications of convalescent plasma also to that subgroup of asymptomatic patients, but chronically positive for nasopharyngeal swab. Among these, cancer patients, who in some cases cannot undertake chemotherapy or specific treatments, the elderly in retirement homes, individuals in quarantine for many weeks.

“The protocol has a high ethical value since it aims, through the infusion of hyperimmune plasma, to reduce the times of social isolation in which subjects who are chronic carriers of the virus are forced. The impossibility of completing the quarantine creates in them a considerable personal and family discomfort ”, comments Massimo Franchini.

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