Coronavirus, even children get sick. In Portugal 30 small hospitalized in serious condition

    Coronavirus, even children get sick. In Portugal 30 small hospitalized in serious condition

    Children also get the coronavirus infection. In Portugal, 30 children are hospitalized in serious condition. That is why we must protect them

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    Il coronavirus unfortunately it does not spare even the little ones. In Portugal, 30 children affected by coronavirus are hospitalized in serious condition at the Dona Estefânia Hospital.

    The news was given by Maria João Brito, head of the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Dona Estefânia hospital, according to which even healthy children can contract the infection.

    Even if the series speaks of infections especially among the elderly and with one or more previous pathologies, Covid-19 seems to also attack children. And this is what is happening in Portugal. At the Dona Estefânia Hospital, 30 are hospitalized.

    To provide a picture of the situation is Dr. Brito. According to the doctor, there are generally fewer children infected in geneal than there are adults. This is because, in order to be infected with a virus, it is necessary to have “recipients”. In children, the number of receptors in the respiratory system to receive the virus is less than in adults. In other words, the elderly, if they have contact with the virus, are more likely to enter cells because they have more receptors. In addition, according to the doctor, the so-called innate immunity or the ability to fight viral infections is higher than in adults.

    Unfortunately, although coronavirus was initially thought to be less severe in children, this is not entirely true. While mortality rates are much lower, there are reports of infant mortality on the other. Furthermore, according to the doctor, only a small fraction of the children admitted to her hospital have chronic diseases.

    “The vast majority of seriously ill hospitalized patients are healthy children. Perfectly healthy. This means that this virus does not choose age, social class, gender or ethnicity, virus is the same for everyone and each of us can be infected. Once infected, there are those who manage the disease well and then there is a small percentage, fortunately, where things can get complicated. In that small percentage there may be children, ”Brito said.

    Although it is too early to make any predictions also seen the small number of cases, According to the Portuguese doctor, the infection as well as the severity of the infection has nothing to do with age: healthy children can have serious illnesses and not be aware of it.

    This does not mean that all children could have complications. In most cases, if symptoms do occur, they can be mild, like a cold. Cough and a slight fever may occur.

    In any case, it is good not to let your guard down and try to safeguard them as much as possible.

    Sources of reference: Sabado

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