Coronavirus, artificial intelligence arrives for diagnosis in 20 seconds

Campus Bio-Medico is the first European hospital to acquire the AI ​​system used in Wuhan for early diagnosis and monitoring of Covid-19 pneumonia

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Already successfully used in China in Wuhan hospitals and with a 98,5% reliability, the Campus Bio-Medico Polyclinic is also ready to acquire the artificial intelligence system for early diagnosis and monitoring of Covid-19 pneumonia . It will thus be the first hospital in Europe to provide a response in 20 seconds starting not from a swab but from an algorithm that analyzes the patient's CT scan.

It is an application based onartificial intelligence which will give an immediate answer on the type of pneumonia (not only viral from Covid-19 but also other pathologies, such as bacterial pneumonia or BPCO), and is able to calculate the volume of pulmonary compromise and thus give an assessment of prognosis, improvement or worsening of the patient's situation.

In essence, it will also serve to immediately exclude pathological situations that have nothing to do with the coronavirus and that can be treated in a targeted and timely manner.

"This innovation activated within the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital - say the Director of the Diagnostic Imaging Unit, Carlo Cosimo Quattrocchi and the Director of the Imaging Center, Bruno Beomonte Zobel - opens up very significant perspectives in the current emergency situation, allowing to process a mass of data otherwise impossible to analyze, improving the appropriateness of therapies and freeing up precious places in intensive care from patients who do not need them. But the system also creates a turning point for the next few months, when, after the emergency, we hope that the cases of Covid-19 will become more sporadic and therefore more difficult to identify ".

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Posted by Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How it will work

Hospitals throughout the territory will only have to digitally provide CT lung images of patients and the team of the Imaging Center and Diagnostic Imaging of the Campus Bio-Medico Polyclinic will in turn provide structured feedback on the artificial intelligence.

This, the experts are convinced, will help to have the picture of the evolution of the contagion in an increasingly targeted and timely manner.

Source: Campus Bio Medico Polyclinic

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