Cervical: most common symptoms and causes

Cervical: most common symptoms and causes

Neck pain (neck pain, in medical language) can occur starting from the cervical vertebrae, but can later radiate to the head, limbs or back. What are the symptoms and what are the most common causes? In the video tips and natural remedies.

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NECK, SYMPTOMS AND CAUSES - I cervical pains (neck pain, in medical language) can present from the cervical vertebrae, but can later radiate to the head, limbs or back. Neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders. It mainly affects after the age of 45, but can also occur in younger people.

Neck pain for some people it can become a recurring problem and recur cyclically even for months, if not years. Pain can be moderate to moderate, but this is not the only factor present. In fact, neck pain they can be accompanied, for example, from headaches, nausea and dizziness.

Symptoms of the cervical

Among the most common symptoms of the cervical are pain in the cervical vertebrae, stiff neck, dizziness, headache, impaired vision and hearing, swallowing problems. When the pain extends to other parts of the body, it can also affect the back of the neck, arms and sometimes the hands.

They can also arise, in case of cervico-brachialgia, a feeling of weakness in the arms and hands, as well as numbness and tingling in the upper limbs. They are to be kept under control symptoms that can hide other pathologies, such as fever, vomiting, chills, tremors, nausea, vomiting, loss of weight or appetite with no apparent explanation.

Pain in the neck area can be accompanied by stiffness and muscle contractions. Other symptoms may also occur such as ringing in the ears, loss of balance, hearing problems, head ring, vision problems, pain in the forehead and above the eyes.

Causes of the cervical

Muscle contractures: muscle contractures are a very common cause of neck pain. In particular, in the young age group, neck pain is almost always due to simple muscle contractures.

Incorrect posture and sedentary lifestyle: those who lead a sedentary life, with particular reference to office work, are more subject to the risk of assuming an incorrect posture for a long time, with particular reference to the upper part of the spine and neck. There incorrect posture and a sedentary lifestyle can affect the cervical vertebrae and cause pain. The problem of incorrect posture also affects students who spend long hours leaning over books or on the PC keyboard.

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Smartphones: in the long run, having your head bowed often to check your smartphone could cause back and neck problems in particular. According to US experts always be bent over to look at the mobile phone or tablet it can be the back equivalent of carrying a 7-8 year old child. In fact, the weight on the spine can vary depending on the inclination of the neck. Experts recommend looking at the mobile phone with the back in a neutral and not tense position, with the ears aligned with the shoulders and the shoulder blades retracted.

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Traumatic factors: neck pain can be caused by traumatic factors which can include accidents in daily life or at work, previous traumatic injuries, whiplash, carrying weights with repercussions on the neck and back.

Cervical Ernia: among the causes of cervical pain we find cervical hernia. It is a disorder caused by the crushing of the discs of the cervical vertebrae which can be caused by mechanical trauma from an accident or rear-end collision, due to excessive effort, incorrect posture or whiplash, among the possible causes.

Cervical arthrosis: also cervical arthrosis can be at the basis of the appearance of cervical pain. Cervical arthrosis is one degenerative pathology of the cervical vertebrae which can start to occur naturally around age 50, but that may appear even earlier for various reasons. The cervical vertebrae deform, compress the nerves and cause pain.

Other causes of neck pain: neck pain can also be related to stress, use of inadequate pillows, occlusal defects of the dental arches, visual field defects that affect the spine, dorsal hyperkyphosis or lumbar hyperlordosis, cold strokes, the practice of certain types of sports, such as boxing, rugby and weight lifting.

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However in most cases la main cause of neck pain is a minor alteration that affects the muscles, ligaments, intervertebral discs and posterior joints. The important is do not underestimate the ailments and rely on the care of a specialist, especially if the pain persists.

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