Blood and personality: the theory that associates blood group with psychophysical characteristics

According to a Japanese theory, each blood group would determine some psychophysical characteristics that would be found in all people carrying that type of blood.

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Many of you will know or have heard of the blood type diet which recommends a lifestyle and diet for each type of blood (A, B, 0, AB). In Japan, on the other hand, it is very common to believe that the blood group affect them in some way psychophysical characteristics of the person and his attitudes.

This theory, known as Ketuekigata, dates back to the early 900s even if it was formulated in more detail in 1927 by Takeji Furukawa in his "Study of temperament through blood groups" in which he analyzed the characteristics of a group of students from a Tokyo school. After its publication, the theory è became very popular and loved in Japan where several newspapers offer a sort of blood horoscope, a bit like we do for the zodiac signs.

But let's understand better what it is. The fundamental starting point is simple: each blood group would determine some specific characteristics that would be found in all people carrying that type of blood.


Serious, creative, sensitive, reserved, patient and responsible people but at the same time stubborn are those whose blood flows A. Gentle individuals who often put the interests of others before their own. While they may seem calm on the surface, they are actually very agitated inside and can suffer from anxiety, which is why they should take some time to be alone and rest. They are great listeners and good friends, they can be artists but also do any job where you have to be in contact with other people.


People of group B are particularly bright and enterprising, unreliable and a little self-centered. Full of energy and self-confidence, they are often leaders and take important positions in their work also because they trust their own intuitions very much and those of others very little. They get caught up in easy enthusiasm, are cheerful, talkative, sociable, do not care so much about risks and are contemptuous of rules. They are also less loyal than those who belong to Group A who can be said to be the exact opposite in everything.


Group 0 men and women are born pacifists, optimists, with an independent and generous nature. They love the news and being around people who generally reciprocate their affection as they are very respectful of the ideas of others, understanding and open. They know how to control their emotions well, they are full of confidence, outgoing, patient and always have a clear idea of ​​the set goal. For all this they are generally excellent organizers and where there are groups of people, there the 0s can best express themselves.


People of group AB, the rarest, are generally very rational and controlled, critical, forgetful and sometimes irresponsible. Despite this they are sensitive and profound. It is therefore immediately clear how this blood group, precisely because halfway between that A and that B, it lives a sort of ambivalence not always easy to manage. They are people who know how to solve problems that arise very well and are serious at work.

Obviously there is a lack of scientific evidence to support this theory which, however, a bit like that of the zodiac signs, is still fascinating.

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