Valentine's Day: the modular vegan menu for the feast of lovers

Vegan menu for Valentine's Day. Here is the modular vegan menu for Valentine's Day with many recipes to inspire you for a romantic dinner.

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Vegan menu per Valentine's day. The party of lovers is upon us. Have you already thought about the dishes to prepare for your romantic dinner?

If you haven't had time to plan your recipes to bring to the table to amaze your sweetheart, here are our proposals for a Valentine's Day menu modular, from appetizers to dole. The menu is dedicated to everyone, not just those who are vegan, so that you can experiment with recipes that are a little different than usual.



Spelled salad

An appetizer to be served cold or warm, perhaps in single portion glasses. Here is ours spelled salad to be enriched with grapes and pomegranate, with the addition of pumpkin seeds and walnuts. THU recipe

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Red chicory and fennel salad

A really simple salad to prepare, but at the same time very tasty. You can serve it to start dinner with something fresh. You will need them red radish, fennel, oranges, walnut kernels, salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar. THU recipe.

Vegan rice arancini

You can prepare some rice balls small to serve as a finger food style appetizer. These arancini are vegan, therefore prepared without eggs. We reveal a little trick to keep them crunchy and compact at the same time. THU recipe.

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Focaccia with olives

One more idea to bring yours to the table focaccia with olives for Valentine's Day dinner? Instead of the usual square slices or wedges, divide it into many portions with gods heart-shaped ring (or pastry rings) in metal. THU our recipe.

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Bruschetta with black cabbage and cannellini beans

A slightly different proposal compared to the classic bruschetta. Here are the bruschetta with black cabbage and cannellini beans. You will need some black bread with cereals to be cut into slices that you will dress with black cabbage, cannellini beans and tabasco. THU recipe.

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Risotto with red radicchio with almonds and apples

If you have gods dishes in the shape of a heart, you can use them to serve our red radicchio risotto in an original way, to be prepared with almonds and apples to create a dish with a slightly unusual taste. THU recipe.

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Two-tone velvety with spices

A two-tone velvety to be prepared by combining the orange of the pumpkin with the purple red of the beetroot. It will be a great idea to bring a touch of color to the table and to enjoy a really healthy cream. THU the complete recipe.

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Vegetable spaghetti

Not the classic pasta dish, but some spaghetti prepared with vegetables, which can be sliced ​​with the appropriate tool to create this type of special pasta. The daikon or carrot spaghetti are excellent, or the pumpkin linguine, to be seasoned, for example, with rocket pesto or with an almond-based cream blended with extra virgin olive oil. THU recipes to inspire you.

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Vegan cannelloni

A tasty and at the same time low cost recipe to be prepared with durum wheat semolina cannelloni, vegetable béchamel, cabbage leaves, carrots and chives. Don't forget a pinch of nutmeg and pepper to flavor. THU recipe.

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Wild red rice with artichokes

Do you want to bring a touch of red to the table? Try with the wild red rice, which you can find in organic food stores and some supermarkets. Alternatively, you can replace it with the Venere black rice. The combination is with artichokes. THU recipe.

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Lentil and amaranth pie

As a second course, to be chosen among the others that we indicate, you can bring to the table a lentil and amaranth pie, to be served with a side of seasonal vegetables. THU recipe.

Millet maki with purple cabbage

A reinterpretation of the maki traditional dishes that will allow you to prepare them in a vegan version to create a colorful dish to bring to the table on Valentine's Day thanks to purple cabbage, millet, nori seaweed, green salad and turmeric. THU the complete recipe.

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Vegan leek and potato savory pie

You can serve this savory pie with leeks and potatoes as a main course, accompanied by a salad prepared with lettuce and raw vegetables, perhaps artfully sliced ​​and accompanied by homemade vegetable mayonnaise. THU recipe.

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Homemade tofu medallions

If you want to prepare a second course for Valentine's Day without resorting to packaged products, prepare tofu at home and use it to make these tofu medallions to be cooked in the oven and served with a salad enriched with raisins, pine nuts, sunflower seeds. THU recipe.

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Seitan skewers

You can prepare your own seitan skewers alternating the diced seitan with seasonal vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts. But other vegetables, such as carrots or baked potatoes, will do as well. THU skewers and many others recipes with seitan.


Heart shaped cookies

For Valentine's Day you can prepare delicious homemade cookies in the shape of a heart, filled with chopped pistachios and covered with dark chocolate. To prepare the chocolate glaze, simply melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie. THU recipe.

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Homemade Gianduiotti

You want to prepare some homemade chocolates for Valentine's Day, as a gift or to be enjoyed as a dessert for a romantic dinner? Here is our recipe, which features dark chocolate and hazelnuts. THU all the instructions for preparing gianduiotti at home.

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Chocolate and hazelnut brownies

A soft and delicious dessert, with a touch of crunchiness given by the hazelnuts. Here is our recipe for chocolate and hazelnut brownies, easy to prepare for Valentine's Day dinner and to serve as a dessert. THU recipe.

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Cocoa, pear and cinnamon cake

If you love the combination of pears and cocoa, this is it Dolce that's right for you, for Valentine's Day and not only. Cinnamon will give this great cake a truly magical touch. Try it for yourself, it will be greatly appreciated. THU recipe.

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Cheesecake vegan

A cheesecake in a vegan version with ginger and berries. Among the ingredients for the preparation you will need dates, unsalted cashews, maple syrup, almonds and lemon juice. THU recipe.

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