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Do you like sweets but don't have much time to prepare them? So here's some good news for you: not all desserts need elaborate preparations and long cooking times. In fact, starting from fruit and a few simple ingredients you can prepare many desserts to bring to the table in a short time.

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RECIPES FOR FAST DESSERTS - You like the desserts but you don't have much time to prepare them? So here's some good news for you: not all desserts need elaborate preparations and long cooking times. In fact, starting from fruit and a few simple ingredients you can prepare many desserts to bring to the table in a short time.

For example, you can prepare a great classic, that is cheesecake in the glass that does not need any cooking. Or you can make a very quick ice cream with already frozen fruit, starting with bananas.

Here is a collection of 20 quick recipes to prepare desserts 5 in minutes.


Cheesecake in the glass

Single-portion Lacheesecake to be served directly in the glass is very simple to prepare. There is no need for cooking and cream cheese or creamy tofu is used for the cream. Unmissable blueberries or strawberries to garnish.

Cakes without baking

Cakes without baking do not need an oven. To prepare them you will need to have a fairly powerful blender available. Usually these cakes are based on dried fruit, such as almonds and cashews, with which to prepare creams to compose them.

Tiramisu in a jar

To prepare tiramisu even more quickly, make portions already in the glass depending on how many your guests will be. Soak the biscuits well in the coffee, prepare the cream, put it all together and you're done. Here the recipe.


Fruit skewers

Fruit skewers are a very fresh dessert suitable for summer, very simple and quick to prepare. We advise you to simply accompany them with a bowl of white yogurt as a sauce for dipping.

Budwig cream

Budwig's cream is a natural and healthy sweet especially recommended for breakfast but which you can prepare at any time of the day, for example as an alternative to yogurt or ice cream as a snack.

Catalan cream

Are you looking for a quick dessert to prepare but at the same time very greedy and rich in taste? Then try to experiment with the recipe for homemade Catalan cream, it will surprise you.

Peach pudding

Homemade peach pudding it is a quick dessert to prepare. Blend the ingredients and cook in a few minutes. Then you just have to wait for it to cool down to enjoy it at its best.

Grandpa light cup

The cup of the grandfather in the light version and the coffee cremolato are quick desserts to prepare. The ingredients are blended in a few minutes and the wait is given only by resting in the refrigerator or freezer to cool them.

Frost Melone

Frost melon or mellone is one Sicilian specialty based on watermelon really simple to prepare. The greedy touch is given by the addition of chocolate chips on the surface or dark chocolate flakes to garnish.

Lemon granita

La lemon granita it is a fresh and thirst-quenching one prescription of our tradition based on lemon juice, water and cane sugar. To be prepared quietly at home, the lemon granita will certainly refresh you from the great summer heat. Here you will find the complete recipe to follow.

Greek yogurt cup

There are many recipes with Greek yogurt that we can prepare at home. One of the fastest is the greek yogurt cup. Crumble some biscuits in the bottom of a glass, enrich the Greek yogurt with honey and dried fruit and finally sprinkle it with fruit, such as strawberries or blueberries.


Light lemon cream

La light lemon cream it is a light and easy to prepare dessert. You can serve it in small glasses or bowls accompanying it with biscuits, or use it to fill cakes and pies. Here you can consult the recipe to follow step by step.

Homemade ice cream with frozen bananas

The fastest homemade ice cream there is is prepared with frozen bananasAnd. Once you have already frozen banana slices available, just blend them to obtain a creamy ice cream to which you can add, at your choice, strawberries, raspberries, berries or other fresh or frozen fruit, or alternatively cocoa to obtain a banana and chocolate ice cream.


Ricotta and strawberry mousse

The ricotta and strawberry mousse is very easy to prepare at home, a delicious dessert without cooking, ready to satisfy that irrepressible desire for sweet. Here is the recipe to follow step by step.

Apple roses

Apple roses become really easy and quick to prepare if you follow some tricks that allow you to greatly shorten the time for making the recipe. So you can prepare and serve them immediately.

Macedonia with ice cream

La fruit salad with ice cream it is one of the easiest desserts to prepare and fastest to bring to the table. Take advantage of this super cool idea when it's hot. Prepare bowls with the seasonal fruit sliced ​​or cut into cubes, season with lemon juice and add a nice scoop of ice cream.


banana split

There are many recipes for making banana split but we suggest the simpler home version: slice a banana, season with lemon juice and garnish with whipped cream (also in vegetable version), a sprinkling of cocoa and some peanuts.


Chocolate salami

Preparing the chocolate salami is very simple and you will assemble the ingredients in a few minutes. The waiting time is given only by the rest in the refrigerator. So you can prepare the chocolate salami quickly the night before to find it ready the next day.

Almond milk cream

If you want to prepare a fresh spoon dessert choose ricotta to get a slightly different cream and prepare this delicious almond milk cream, which you can use to fill cakes or even to fill small tartlets of shortcrust pastry. Here the complete recipe.

Homemade pancakes

After you have heated your non-stick pan well, the cooking of the homemade pancakes will be very fast and you can simply garnish them with jam or maple syrup if you have little time.

Do you have any other quick dessert recipes to suggest?

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