Zucchini flan: 10 recipes for all tastes

With courgettes you can prepare a multitude of dishes, from first courses to side dishes to appetizers. Here are 10 recipes for tasty flans.

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Zucchini flan, which are the tastiest and easiest recipes to prepare? Versatile, tasty and light: the zucchini finally reappear on our tables and with them we can prepare an infinite number of recipes. In fact, if meatballs are the great classic, also because they are particularly preferred by children, with zucchini you can really prepare a lot of dishes, from Primi ai contours to antipasti.

Among recipes with the most delicious zucchini undoubtedly fall within the flans, to be easily prepared according to your tastes - in a pan or in nice single portions - in a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free version and to which you can also add other different types of vegetables.

Here is a collection of recipes to prepare one zucchini flan.


Light zucchini flan

Zucchini are synonymous with lightness. If added to a few potatoes ea gods Cherry tomatoes and season with extra virgin olive oil, pepper and lemon juice (do not add cheese) will be a delicious pie. Here the recipe.

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Mint scented zucchini plumcake

It has the form of an original plumcake this flan in which mint is added to the courgettes, creating an original combination and everything to try. Here the complete recipe.

Zucchini and ricotta flan

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A type of course that can be served both as an appetizer and as a side dish. In this recipe, it will give a spice saffron, but for a more traditional combination you can also opt for minced mint or basil. Here the complete recipe.

Vegan zucchini flan

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The vegan flan noIt does not include butter, cheese or eggs. It can also be prepared with pumpkin, aubergines or all your favorite vegetables, to be mixed together with chickpea flour and extra virgin olive oil. Here is the procedure.

Zucchini flan with puff pastry

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To make the flan richer, you can prepare it with a puff pastry base, but you could also use a shortcrust pastry (and in addition other vegetables). Here you will find a recipe.

Zucchini flan without eggs

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Zucchini flan can also be easily prepared without eggs. This recipe is super light, not only because the zucchini is not cooked first, but also and above all because it does not need eggs to make it compact and firm. Here the whole recipe.

Gluten-free zucchini flan

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An excellent zucchini pie is also easily prepared in a gluten-free version, by combining rice with vegetables (thay red rice is used in the recipe) or even gluten-free breadcrumbs to mix the ingredients. Here the recipe.

Sauteed zucchini flan

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Also known as courgette flan, the most popular recipes include zucchini combined with carrots, but the flan can also be prepared starting from different types of vegetables. All the ingredients are passed in the mixer and the cooking is in the oven. Here the complete recipe.

Courgette and tofu flan

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Tofu, but also shallots and soy cooking cream, for a truly original recipe that everyone will agree on at home. Here the recipe.

Thermomix recipe zucchini flan

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If you have a food processor available, you can prepare a zucchini pie at home even more quickly: just mix all the ingredients in the jug and you're done. Here is the procedure.

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