Beetroot juice, the powerful natural anti-inflammatory that you should start drinking right away

    Beetroot juice, the powerful natural anti-inflammatory that you should start drinking right away

    Consuming this drink can help protect us from annoying conditions such as high blood pressure, inflammation and liver problems

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    High blood pressure, inflammation and liver problems can worsen the quality of life, as they are closely related to the well-being of the whole body. Fortunately, consuming this drink can help protect us from these conditions.

    Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, beetroot juice can bring numerous benefits to our health. Its nitrate content can help lower blood pressure: nitrates, in fact, are transformed into nitrogen monoxide inside our body - a chemical compound capable of dilating blood vessels, allowing the flow of blood to more easily reach vital tissues and organs. The beneficial properties of beet juice against hypertension are not new: they had already been described by another study conducted by British Heart Foundation who had shown how the juice can even reduce the risk of heart attack in hypertensive patients, if taken daily.

    In the study conducted by the researchers ofImperial College London, the effects of beetroot juice on blood pressure were observed involving 15 volunteers without hypertension. Some of these were randomly given normal beetroot juice (therefore containing nitrates); others drank beetroot juice in which the nitrates had been removed. After taking the juice, the participants in the experiment underwent blood pressure measurements three times - thirty minutes, one hour and twenty-four hours after taking the juice.

    After a pause of a few days, the experiment was repeated, but with a variation: who in the first experiment had received the juice without nitrates, drank the normal one - and vice versa. This was so that all participants were tested with both types of juice, normal and 'placebo'. According to the findings, participants who took nitrates in beet juice saw a noticeable drop in their blood pressure levels, as early as thirty minutes after the experiment. Unfortunately, however, the beneficial effect of the beet juice did not last for twenty-four hours.

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    Another study of the Northumbria University (England) instead highlighted how beet juice is a real natural anti-inflammatory. This is because it contains betalain, water-soluble pigments that give the root its characteristic red-purple color, with a strong anti-inflammatory power. Inflammation can contribute to a wide range of chronic diseases: for example, excessive inflammation can be linked to cardiovascular problems.

    Finally, a further study on beet juice conducted byUniversity of Benin, in Nigeria, demonstrates that this red drink has beneficial effects on our liver, counteracting the onset of pathologies to this organ (especially cirrhosis). The liver plays an important role in the elimination of toxins and in the 'purification' of the organism, for this reason it is important that its health is impeccable.

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