Bad cholesterol (Ldl) dangerous for the aortic valve

New research suggests that those predisposed to have high LDL cholesterol levels will automatically have a greater risk of having calcium blockages or deposits in the aortic valve.

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High levels of bad cholesterol (Ldl) they are extremely dangerous for our body and over time can lead to the development of very serious cardiovascular diseases. Now new research links excess LDL cholesterol to possible damage to the aortic valve with stenosis (obstruction), a very frequent problem especially among the elderly.

The study, a review of several previous research on a sample of about 35 thousand people, argues that those predisposed to have high levels of LDL will automatically have a greater risk of suffering from calcium blockages or deposits at the level of that heart valve which, positioned between the left ventricle and aorta, regulates the flow of blood to the various organs and tissues of our body.

Initially the disease is asymptomatic but subsequently symptoms they are clearly felt: chest pain, difficulty in breathing, possible loss of consciousness and heart failure.

Once again the real one weapon in our possession to avoid the possibility of finding ourselves in this situation is the prevention. Reducing LDL cholesterol is more important than ever to avoid this as well as other possible risks to our cardiovascular system, but we must not reduce it at the last minute. In fact, according to the Canadian researchers at McGill Univeristy who conducted the study, the cholesterol-lowering drugs taken once the disease appeared would no longer have any effect to stem the problem. Therefore it is extremely important to act first.

If the problem is a buildup of bad cholesterol due to a genetic predisposition, in addition of course to take care of nutrition at least in order not to overload the body with additional cholesterol, it is often necessary undergo preventive drug therapies.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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