Autumn soups: 10 recipes to taste

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In autumn with the first cold weather many of us can't wait to taste a warm and creamy velvety. Here are 10 recipes

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In autunno with the first cold and when dinner time comes many of us can't wait to enjoy one velvety warm and creamy, prepared with seasonal ingredients. Today we suggest many recipes that will allow you to prepare excellent soups of vegetables or legumes, which you can vary according to your tastes and the vegetables you have available. Here you are 10 tasty recipes to prepare yours autumn soups.


Cream of pumpkin

Pumpkin is the protagonist of the velvety soups with an autumn flavor. To be served in common soup dishes or in mini portions in glass cups, perhaps with homemade breadsticks or croutons. You can then enrich your pumpkin soup with other ingredients such as chilli, onion, potatoes, sesame seeds and other very common ingredients in the kitchen. Here are some ideas to take inspiration from.

Cream of celeriac

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To prepare an excellent cream of celeriac you will need a celeriac, a parmesan potato, half an onion and two glasses of vegetable milk. In this way you can cook the ingredients and blend them with the hand blender until you get a smooth and creamy velvety. Here the complete recipe.

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Chestnut, chickpea and pumpkin soup

A brown, chickpea and pumpkin soup, a simple recipe, tasty and rich at the same time. Perfect for your autumn dinners, also to be served at room temperature and once served you can add a drizzle of raw olive oil. Here the complete recipe.

Cream of leeks with do-it-yourself turmeric croutons

To prepare a cream of leeks with homemade turmeric croutons you need a few simple ingredients, to bring to the table a warm and nutritious cream, perfect for autumn evenings. Here the complete recipe with all the ingredients and step by step instructions.

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Purifying soup of red lentils, turmeric and ginger

You can prepare a red lentil soup with the addition of turmeric and ginger. This soup is excellent both using lentils as the only ingredient, or adding a potato or onion, depending on your tastes and to vary the menu a little. THU the complete recipe.

Cream of apples and celery

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To prepare a cream of apples and celery for 4 people, cook 300 g of celery sticks and 2 apples in a liter of vegetable broth, all already cut into small pieces. When the apples and celery are soft, blend. Add one or two tablespoons of rice flour and mix to thicken the cream, or blend again. Season with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, white pepper and whole sea salt. Garnish each plate with celery leaves.

Cream of fennel

Never throw away the outermost layers of fennel or the parts that are often considered waste, including tufts, but use them to prepare tasty soups made with seasonal vegetables. For example, for 2 people, just cook 750 small fennel and 1 potatoes in 2 ml of vegetable broth. Use the hand blender to give your fennel cream the desired consistency and flavor with aromatic herbs and spices. Serve your soup with croutons.

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Quick chickpea cream with rosemary croutons

A quick chickpea cream with rosemary croutons made from chickpea flour, so a quick and easy recipe to enjoy something hot and tasty even if you don't have time to cook. Here the complete recipe.

Creamed Jerusalem artichokes

Il jerusalem artichokes it is excellent for preparing soups, together with leeks and potatoes or other seasonal soups. To make the Jerusalem artichoke creamy creamier, if you want, you can add extra virgin olive oil or vegetable cream at the end of cooking, before blending all the ingredients. Flavor with spices and aromatic herbs, or as in the case of this recipe sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts. THU the complete recipe.

Two-tone velvety with spices

The blog Healing with Colors offers us a truly original recipe to prepare one two-tone velvety with spices. The two-tone effect is obtained by combining two creams based on different ingredients. A first cream made with pumpkin and a second cream made with beetroot. The surprise effect is guaranteed. It is a perfect soup for anyone who loves spices. In fact, it combines cinnamon, ginger, cumin, cloves and nutmeg. THU the complete recipe.

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