A herbal tea for every occasion: how to take them daily

With the arrival of winter we all feel the need for more warmth in the house. A warmth that can also come from herbal teas

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With the arrival of winter we all feel the need for more warmth in the house. A warmth that can also come from herbal teas, rightly considered as one of the small pleasures typical of the winter season.

In addition to warming the body, infusions and hot drinks have many other benefits deriving from the ingredients used to make them. Some recipes have great detoxifying potential, others speed up metabolism facilitating weight loss, and others help strengthen immune barriers.

Furthermore, their properties are accentuated according to the time of day in which they are taken, so it is important to know their specific benefits and strategically associate them with the best consumption opportunities throughout the day.

Decoctions, herbal teas and infusions: let's be clear

These are hot drinks obtained thanks to the use of flowers and parts of plants, therefore of natural origin. However, decoctions, infusions and herbal teas also have profound basic differences. Infusions, for example, use only parts of the same plant, from the flowers to the leaves. Some concrete examples can be chamomile or karkadè, or the very classic tea.

Herbal teas, on the other hand, blend different elements starting from a basic ingredient enriched with various additions from other plants or spices. The aim is to create a hot drink capable of reaping many benefits by exploiting the active ingredients coming from the union of the different ingredients.

Finally, the decoctions involve the use of different parts of plants, generally selecting the most resistant ones, such as berries and roots. In this case, it is the preparation method that makes the difference, as the ingredients are subjected to simmering (a lighter boiling process than the classic one).

A herbal tea for every moment of the day

First of all, and as anticipated above, each herbal tea has specific qualities that depend on the ingredients that are used for their realization. The repertoire of herbal combinations for the creation of herbal teas is practically unlimited, even if you have to pay close attention to the type of substances you intend to mix, to avoid unwanted or even serious effects. To be on the safe side, you can buy ready-made herbal teas, in sachets or soluble, even in the herbalist department of a good online pharmacy, as in the case of shop-farmacia.com, for example, which has a section dedicated to herbal teas and infusions natural for every specific need, created from original and creative mixes.

Herbal teas are exceptional because their properties can have more or less intense benefits based on consumption during the day. In the morning it is advisable to opt for berries, or alternatively blueberries (both black and red), due to the exceptional antioxidant properties of these elements, followed by herbal teas with ginger or turmeric. After lunch, however, the advice is to try some solutions based on dandelion, basil or anise, along with other options such as licorice and thistle. These are ideal herbal teas to facilitate digestion after meals, with the possibility of taking them even after dinner as real digestives. Finally, to enjoy a pleasant night of rest, it is preferable to take herbal teas known for their relaxing and calming properties, such as chamomile or passionflower and valerian herbal teas.

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