Wearing gloves on the street is useless, on the contrary it increases the risk. ISS advice on how and when to use them (and where to dispose of them)

Tips for using gloves correctly, and when it is really necessary, to avoid carrying the coronavirus by mistakenly thinking of protecting yourself

In addition to the mask, should we wear gloves when we go shopping or for other basic necessities? The Portuguese Directorate-General of Health is convinced not and, on the contrary, argues that inappropriate use of gloves can be a vehicle for the transmission of the coronavirus. Our Higher Institute of Health has also provided valuable advice on the correct use of gloves.

In a tweet, the Portuguese DGS, or the Directorate-General of Health, shared with all citizens some simple gestures that make the difference in the protection against the coronavirus. Among these it is emphasized that, contrary to what some believe, wear gloves on the street it is not an effective move mainly because you risk not using them correctly.

Some simple gestures make a difference in protecting against COVID19. Wearing gloves on the street is not effective!#SNS #DGS #UmConselhodaDGS #COVID19 #Sejaumagentedasaúdepública #We areOn pic.twitter.com/PUUEu9rpGR

— DGS (@DGSaude) March 20, 2020

The DGS warns that, instead of being a means of protection, incorrect use of gloves can even be "a vehicle for the transmission of the virus", as well as, of course, "a waste of resources".

How do you read:

"Incorrect use can also lead to missed hand hygiene opportunities"

So we remember and warn once again that "washing your hands often and whenever they are dirty" is one of the best means we have to limit the spread of the virus.

In another publication, the DGS also explains that gloves should always be used "to clean bathrooms or surfaces" or when "you are a healthcare professional treating a patient with Covid-19".

Therefore these tools, as our Ministry of Health also specifies, in some cases they are useful, indeed essential while, in other situations, on the contrary, the protective device can become a vehicle of contagion.

In addition, these days the complaints of gloves then thrown on the street once used are increasing. These are uncivilized behaviors, but unfortunately frequent, so much so that there are several mayors who have had to appeal to the common sense of citizenship.


How to use gloves correctly

The National Institute of Health (ISS) provides us with instructions for the correct use of gloves. Let's keep them in mind.

Gloves are always needed in the following situations:

  • for cleaning, catering or food trade personnel
  • in the case of hospital or home care for the sick

Yes to gloves as long as:

  • do not replace proper hand hygiene (thorough washing for 60 seconds)
  • they are replaced every time they get dirty and disposed of correctly in unsorted waste
  • like the hands, do not come into contact with the mouth, nose and eyes
  • are disposed of at the end of use, for example, in the supermarket
  • are not reused

But above all, once used, throw them away correctly. But where? Those in latex that in other times could have been thrown in the waste collection, should instead be thrown in the undifferentiated to avoid possible contagions, according to the new rules of conferment issued by the Ministry of Health.

And above all, do not throw them on the ground!

Respect is needed, as well as civic sense. In these days, urban hygiene operators are coming across a ...

Posted by Simone Cretella on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fonti: ISS/ DGS

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