The accessory that protects the ears from the 3D printed mask and donated by a thirteen year old

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A Canadian scout boy has designed and donated protection to avoid ear pain caused by the mask for health professionals

A 13-year-old Canadian boy scout had a simple but brilliant idea to alleviate the discomfort of those who have to wear a mask for many hours a day: he invented and 3D printed an accessory that avoids ear discomfort.

To protect themselves, healthcare workers must wear masks all day but, during the pandemic, the use of this tool was also extended to cashiers, couriers and many other categories of workers. After many hours, they are many suffer from ear pain.

He thought about solving the problem Quinn Callander, a Canadian boy who created a tool that can protect the ears of those who are forced to wear a mask for a long time.

Quinn came up with the idea after a Canadian hospital asked for help with this problem. The boy then thought of using his 3D printing skills to come up with an accessory that people can wear on the back of their head.

In practice, Quinn's designed ear protectors are capable of transfer the tension of the mask straps from the ears to the special strap which must be positioned on the back of the head.

The idea was launched by Quinn's mom on Facebook and was a huge success. The boy could not alone donate numerous ear protectors to hospitals but it even has made the model public in such a way that those who have a 3D printer can make themselves useful by printing and in turn donating the protections to those who need it most.

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During these months, we have seen how the pandemic has also been able to come up with many creative ideas useful for dealing with the emergency. You will surely remember the Decathlon diving masks transformed, also in this case thanks to 3D printing, into respirators.

The diving masks turned into respirators work and 500 have already been distributed in hospitals

Reference source: Thingiverse / Facebook

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