Salmonella: not only Kinder eggs, in these areas the alarm for drinking water is triggered

In two small municipalities in the province of Belluno the taps are closed due to a contamination of drinking water, perhaps of animal origin

There is a lot of talk about salmonella in recent weeks, especially due to the contamination of some batches of Kinder / Ferrero brand confectionery products produced in a Belgian plant (later closed) and spread throughout Europe, even in our country. Unfortunately, salmonella contamination does not only affect Easter eggs and chocolate eggs, but also drinking water.

It happens to Arsiè, a small town on the border between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, where the analyzes carried out by the health authorities at two sampling points of the aqueducts revealed the presence of the salmonella bacterium. The water supply in the municipal area was promptly interrupted and replacement tankers have already arrived to serve the population.

As part of the self-control program of the Managing Authority, a positivity for salmonella, an infectious agent of human origin, was found in two sampling points of drinking water serving two territories of the province of Belluno (Arsiè and Ponte nelle Alpi) or animal - we read on the Facebook page of municipality of the Belluno area. - Following this, the managing body and the two municipalities concerned have defined a temporary ban on the use of drinking water and food supply of the water distributed by the contaminated intake points, while at the same time strengthening the disinfection systems.

The causes of this water contamination are not yet clear, although one is hypothesized for now environmental contamination, that is, coming from some wild animal, favored by a certain vulnerability of the relatively superficial grip points. In the next few days, new control samplings will be carried out.

Recall that the most common symptoms of a salmonella infection are fever, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea; in the most severe cases of the infection (which occur in frail subjects, in children and the elderly), more serious bacteremia, such as meningitis, can also occur. In most cases, salmonellosis resolves within a few days, without resorting to hospitalization.

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Sources: Municipality of Arsiè / Higher Institute of Health

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