Ethylene Oxide: Coop draws several batches of tart

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Suspected ethylene oxide contamination: the withdrawal of some batches of Lago brand cherry tart from Coop supermarkets

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The well-known supermarket chain Coop is recalling some batches of tart with cherry jam under the Lago Group brand. Suspected contamination from ethylene oxide, the dangerous pesticide that more and more often ends up on our tables.

The dessert in question is sold in packs of 350 grams and is produced in via Roma 24, in Galliera Veneta (in the province of Padua). 

The lots affected by the recall 

These are the lots recalled as a precaution: 

  • Law 21091; deadline: 15/12/21
  • Law 21140; deadline: 31/01/22
  • Law 21163; deadline: 15/02/22

Last summer, another batch of cherry tart - again under the Lago Group brand - had already been withdrawn by Coop, again due to the suspected presence of ethylene oxide.

Coop invites consumers to return the purchased lots to the point of sale. Furthermore, for more information, you can contact the manufacturer directly on 049 9475511

Lago Group specified that, since it is not possible to establish a level of exposure that is safe for consumers, all the lots were recalled in which the presence of ethylene oxide exceeding the legal limits was detected, regardless of the actual level of presence in the product. the final.

As soon as we received communication from our cherry filling supplier that ethylene oxide was present in the additive above the legal limits, we immediately proceeded to carry out traceability to identify the products concerned and carry out the preventive withdrawal to continue to guarantee safety and quality. to our customers - said Francesco De Marco, Chief Commercial Officer of Lago Group.- We apologize for the inconvenience caused and would like to reassure you about the quality of our products. " 

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Source: Coop 

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