Soy sauce withdrawn due to the presence of glass fragments

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These three types of soy sauce may contain glass fragments. Check the lots

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Shards of glass in various batches and types of soy sauce. The Ministry of Health has ordered the recall of the Suzi Wan brand soy sauce because ingesting it could be harmful.

The sauce made by a Poorstraat, 57 - 4041 CL, Kesteren, Gerdeland, Netherlands, may contain glass shards, according to the Ministry Safety Notice. For this reason it should absolutely not be consumed.

The sauce is sold in various supermarkets including Carrefour. If you have recently purchased it, you must check if the production batches are among those indicated by the ministerial authorities. In particular, there are three types of soy sauce withdrawn from the market:

  • Soy Sauce: minimum shelf life between 13/05/2022 and 06/07/2022 - EAN Code 4002359351105
  • Soy sauce -43% salt: minimum shelf life between 23/06/2022 and 05/07/2022 - EAN code 4002359005336
  • Sweet Soy Sauce: minimum shelf life between 18/05/2022 and 07/07/2022 - EAN code 4002359361104.

If it is one of these, bring it back for an exchange or refund.

To read the security notice click here

Sources of reference: Carrefour, Ministry of Health

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