Migraine: plastic and bisphenol A to blame?

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Beware of plastic that contains bisphenol A. The now known endocrine disruptor could be one of the causes of migraine attacks. Experts warn against consuming water in plastic bottles and using microwave containers that may contain bisphenol A.

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You suffer from migraine? Beware of plastic which can contain bisphenol A. The now known endocrine disruptor could be one of the causes of migraine attacks. Experts warn against the consumption of water in plastic bottles and the use of containers for the Microwave that they might contain BPA.

Bisphenol A is a substance still widely used for manufacture of plastics, of packaging and containers for drinks and food. Its accumulation in the human organism has already been related to risk of obesity, infertility and heart attack, as well as developmental problems for the unborn child during pregnancy.

According to new research, bisphenol A found in bottles and other food containers could trigger the migraine attacks. The new study was published in the magazine Toxicological Sciences. The researchers therefore suggest to those who suffer from migraines to avoid contact with bisphenol A starting, for example, from give up bottled water.

It seems that, according to a previous study, in just three days of detoxification from foods packaged or microwaved in plastic containers - and thanks to a diet based on fresh foods - the presence of BPA in the urineand of the patients has undergone one reduction of 66%.

Now experts from the University of Kansas have observed that the appearance of migraines it could be related to the action of BPA on our body. The synthetic substance is mistaken by our body for a female hormone (an estrogen), the peak of which could be at the basis of the onset of severe pain in the head. Experts will continue their research to identify an even more precise link between bisphenol A and migraine, and to unearth new solutions to the problem.

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