It's time for the pomegranate, the autumn fruit that protects your gut

The pomegranate grains are precious for our health! This is confirmed by a study showing the beneficial effects on the intestine

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A study has identified in the pomegranate a molecule that strengthens the intestinal barrier and fights diseases such as colitis and Crohn's disease

Severe pain in the belly, swelling, irritation and even severe nervousness: chronic inflammatory bowel diseases sometimes make life really impossible. If in many cases it is the eating habits that have to be changed, in many others we live a life irremediably linked to drugs. But is there a natural method to combat these pathologies?

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease first of all they have been at the center of new research led by the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem) in Bangalore, India, and the University of Louisville, in the United States. The researchers, in the study published in Nature Communications, would have identified the key to countering these pathologies in a molecule, a microbial metabolite that derives from the pomegranate fruit, theurolithin.

Urolithin and its synthetic analogue would be able to increase the proteins that strengthen the junctions of epithelial cells in the intestine and, in so doing, to reduce the inflammation process. In this way, they consolidate the intestinal "barrier" function.

The study also shows how the microbial metabolite and its analog also protect against colitis.

The restoration of the intestinal barrier and the reduction of inflammation by means of a small molecule will provide better therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of these pathologies - explains Praveen Kumar Vemula, one of the authors of the research. - A synthetic analogue overcomes the stability limitation that a microbial metabolite poses, thus increasing the efficacy.

For now, the researchers intend to create a start-up and take these molecules to the stage of clinical trials to develop new treatments for inflammatory bowel disease.

Meanwhile, let's not forget that the intestine is our "second brain": the brain uses the intestine to perform its functions, so it goes without saying that intestinal well-being is also reflected in the rest of our body and vice versa. Let's pamper ourselves a little more, throw out stress and bad thoughts and dedicate ourselves more to ourselves.

Fonte: Nature Communications/Genengnews

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