Herpes: types, symptoms and natural remedies

Herpes is a very common problem but not everyone knows what it is exactly, what are the natural remedies, how it manifests itself and how to protect yourself. So let's discover the characteristics of herpes in its various forms and how to intervene in a natural way, always after consulting the doctor and the herbalist.

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THEHerpes it is a very common problem but not everyone knows what it is exactly, what the natural remedies, how it manifests itself and how to protect yourself. So let's discover the characteristics of herpes in its various forms and how to intervene in a natural way, always after consulting the doctor and the herbalist.

Perhaps some of us without knowing it are healthy carriers of the herpes virus which is present in the body but which does not manifest itself with the typical symptoms of this problem. This is why it is even more important to know how to recognize and discover them natural remedies most suitable.

there 3 types of herpes: cold sores or herpes type 1 which is the most common, thegenital herpes o herpes type 2 and theHerpes zoster or type 3 herpes, better known as shingles. In general, we can speak of herpes as a rather widespread disease that attacks the skin and mucous membranes.


Cold sores or type 1 herpes

The virus oftype 1 herpes, called HSV-1, causes cold sores, an infectious skin reaction that occurs in the lip area. This virus is transmitted through oral contact with the infected person, usually through a kiss. Sometimes, however, the transmission of the cold sore virus can also occur with indirect contact, for example using the same towels or the same plates, cups and glasses of the person with herpes, as well as through contact with saliva or with other contaminated secretions. Although known as cold sores, this virus can also spread to other parts of the face, such as near the nose.

Cold sores, symptoms

Symptoms of cold sores begin with a sensation of itching around the lips which lasts for one or two days. Then they start to form bubbles that burn like small burns and which can bleed and then lead to the formation of crusts. Redness, burning, pain and itching may occur.

Cold sores, natural remedies

To protect yourself from cold sores try to avoid direct contact with infected people and not to use the same cutlery, the same plates, cups and glasses or the same towels. In order not to get infected, try to work hard to strengthen your immune system, for example thanks to natural remedies such asechinacea and foods rich in vitamin C.


Among the natural remedies for cold sores we find: lemon juice, vinegar, Tea Tree essential oil, horsetail extract, lemon balm, echinacea.

I'm from prefer foods rich in lysine, useful for helping the body to give life to new tissues following injuries: chickpeas, lentils, beans and soy.

Among the foods to avoid because accused of being able to reactivate the latent virus of herpes, we find those rich in arginine, such as chocolate, peanuts, almonds and walnuts.


Genital herpes or type 2 herpes

THEtype 2 herpes (HSV-2) is better known as genital herpes. Transmission of genital herpes usually occurs through sexual contact (even with oral intercourse). The virus can also be transmitted by contact of the hands with the private parts. At the genital level, a sore forms which can take root in the penis or in the bottom of the vagina and in this case it is not easily visible.

Genital herpes, symptoms

In 'man i symptoms of genital herpes are itching, numbness and sensitization in the area of ​​the penis, testicles and groin. Genital herpes in humans can affect the penis, scrotum and urinary canal.

in women i symptoms of genital herpes are itching and numbness of the vagina, groin and upper thighs. Other symptoms are fever, headache, and generally feeling unwell. External blisters can form on the labia minora or labia minora and around the clitoris but also inside the vagina.

Genital herpes, natural remedies

Anyone who knows they suffer from genital herpes should undergo periodic checks since the problem can reappear after the first time. In addition, the virus can remain dormant in the body and there is a risk of infecting other people even if the symptoms of genital herpes are no longer present on you. Conventional medicine in case of genital herpes intervenes with antiviral drugs, to be taken only on prescription from your doctor.

As for natural remedies for genital herpes, ask your herbalist for more information on the possibility of taking the mother tincture of propolis and to apply tea tree essential oil on the vesicles. Among the remedies and foods useful for strengthening the immune system we find echinacea, wheat germ, seaweed, carrots, cabbage, grapes and apples.


Shingles, shingles, or type 3 herpes

Il virus varicella-zoster o Human herpesvirus 3 (HHV-3) is responsible for shingles, better known as fire of saint Anthony or flames of Satan. The fire of saint Anthony o Herpes zoster it is substantially caused by the childhood varicella virus (varicella-zoster virus) which should not be confused with the common cold sores virus. They are in fact different viruses even if they belong to the same family.

Shingles, whose scientific name is herpes zoster, is an acute skin disease which corresponds to a nerve infection. Precisely because it hits a nerve, this problem manifests itself so painfully.

Herpes zoster, sintomi

The most obvious symptom of shingles is the appearance of one severe rash with blisters which fill with blood and then turn into scabs. The appearance of the rash, which usually occurs on the chest, may be preceded and accompanied by fever and malaise.

Herpes zoster, natural remedies

There are some natural remedies that can give relief in case of shingles but since it is a very annoying problem in this case it is better to avoid do-it-yourself and always consult an expert before intervening. Particularly for shingles, thehomeopathy,acupuncture and some essential oils, such asnaiuoli essential oil, and the glycerine macerate of ribes nigrum.


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