Copenhagen is planting fruit trees and bushes across the city to pick apples, blackberries and blueberries for free

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Copenhagen has decided to plant fruit trees and bushes throughout the city to make healthy and wholesome snacks available to the community

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Imagine the beauty of being able to pick fruit from a tree or bush on the way to work or waiting for the bus. This will soon become a reality in Copenhagen where fruit trees will be planted throughout the city for offer the community healthy and wholesome snacks.

These are fruit trees and bushes dedicated to the community and from which everyone can benefit by harvesting for example apples but also blackberries or blueberries. These they will be planted in public areas such as parks and playgrounds and will be useful in reconnecting people with local vegetation.

As is happening almost everywhere, in fact, even the younger Danish generations are losing the connection with nature and the genuine flavors it offers. The hope of the Copenhagen administration that voted for this project is that, by planting fruit trees and other vegetation, people will have the opportunity to reconnect with natural flavors and choose to include them more often in their daily diet.

Since the Middle Ages, fruit and herb picking has been a tradition in Denmark and, not surprisingly, the Danes are allowed to collect food from public lands as they wish. They are also allowed to harvest crops from private properties, as long as they are on the trails. Given the precedents, the decision of the Copenhagen city council is therefore not too surprising, which practically limited itself to extending the centuries-old practice of collecting wild herbs and fruit to urban areas as well.

An app called Vild Mad (“wild food”) has been developed to introduce Danish nature to visitors but also to citizens who are not yet familiar with it. The app educates people about picking fruits, berries and herbs and can be used as a real guide that also provides tasty recipes to be made using just the wild harvested ingredients. fantastic and free food available to all!

Planting fruit trees for the whole community will prove to be a win-win situation in every respect. People will be able to have delicious fruit to munch for free and, at the same time, the city will become greener.

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