Cold sores, how to prevent it and make it disappear

Herpaso Plus: a lip stick designed for the prevention and early treatment of relapsing cold sores.

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Tingling, burning, itching: this is how cold sores promises, with a beating drum, with annoying disorders even before real blisters appear on the lips, generally very painful. A great bore, considering that for a few days it is tiring even to move the mouth to speak and that, alas, even once the surface area has healed, the virus remains latent in our body.

Yes, because once dry, the vesicles dry up but the virus penetrates into the nerve cells of the epidermis, where it survives the immune system and remains in a silent state, only to reactivate under certain conditions.
For this reason, herpes is not permanently curable. But it remains true that it can be prevented very effectively from the very first symptoms.


What is cold sores?

It is an infection caused by the virus ofHerpes Simplex. Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) is responsible for the majority of cases, while herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) remains mostly associated with genital infection.

Its presence in the body, as we said, can remain latent for a long time and, in the presence of particular conditions, it can reactivate by manifesting itself through bubbles or lesions on the lips or at the edges (lesions can also form on the nose, chin, cheeks or palate, but it is less frequent), especially in times of stress or fatigue or when the immune defenses are particularly low.

The virus has an incubation period of just over a week, after which you may also have fever or erythematous pharyngitis. Then follows a vesicular rash in the mouth and on the lip. Later, these small vesicles join together and become annoying and painful ulcers, presenting yellowish-gray, canker-like patches.

It is estimated that 4 out of 5 people have antibodies against this virus in their blood or 4 out of 5 have had at least one symptomatology during their life, albeit in a completely silent form. It heals in about two weeks, but in the place where the blister had flourished, the skin almost never returns well delineated. Once dry, the blisters tend to dry out, but the virus remains.

How to prevent cold sores

From a correct diet to a correct exposure to the sun, passing through any practice that takes away nervousness and anger: it is possible to prevent cold sores, even with the help of specific creams and lotions based on natural elements. It takes calm and perseverance and a few more little tricks:

Little Sun

Did you know that one factor that can trigger the virus and awaken it from its latent phase is excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays? Once again, therefore, it is clear that you have to lie down on the bed in extreme moderation, always spreading a sunscreen and avoiding burns.

Goodbye stress

Stress and nervousness weaken the immune system, which essentially becomes unable to fight viruses and other pathogens. But that's not all: our immune system can also be severely tested by chronic or acute infections, poor nutrition and exposure to toxic substances.

Vitamin C:

Stock up on Vitamin C! Its antiviral and immune-supportive properties are well known, which could help prevent herpes infection as well.

Avoid direct contact with infected people

And don't use the same cutlery, the same plates, the same glasses. Measures that are already a good way to avoid the spread of infections. Also avoid sharing lip glosses, lipstick or face creams.

Wash your hands

It is now a mantra and it is always valid, even for cold sores! Your hands could easily come into contact with the saliva or body fluids of people with herpes, so to avoid unintentionally touching your mouth and eyes, the golden rule of sticking to good hygiene is always valid.

Herpaso Plus!

Cold sores, how to prevent it and make it disappear

Comes from A&R Pharma, the Brescia-based company founded in 2017 to offer antiviral medical devices based on natural active ingredients, Herpaso Plus: a lip stick designed for the prevention and early treatment of relapsing cold sores. Thanks to a mix of extremely effective natural ingredients, it blocks the symptoms of the infection by preventing the appearance of skin lesions and activating rapid cell regeneration.

Herpaso Plus, what it is and how to use it

It is a medical device capable of immediately blocking the development of the infection, at the first discomfort and before that, it can prevent the ailment. It can be used as a normal lip balm, given its fantastic all-natural composition, without any petroleum derivatives and Nickel-free!

It is in fact based on Copper Gluconate and Tea Tree Oil, two components that have respectively antiviral and anti-inflammatory action reducing the number of pathological episodes, and in addition Herpaso Plus contains jojoba oil, essential oil of tea tree and Shea butter, which perform the precious task of keeping the skin soft, protecting it from excessive heat and cold.

It can be applied every day for prevention while it is very important to apply it 6/7 times a day when the first symptoms appear to block their development.

In case of sun exposure (it does not melt at high temperatures and has a protection factor of 15), in case of stress and fatigue or in the menstrual period for women, during the cold season, in case of overeating.
Herpaso Plus is ideal for men and women because it spreads a colorless transparent film on the skin. Finally, it is completely non-toxic because it does not use petrolatum and can therefore also be used by pregnant women, children and cancer patients.

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