Chocolate: ally of the teeth. It prevents tooth decay and plaque naturally

Experts claim that dark chocolate can prevent tooth decay and loss of enamel. However, it should be eaten alone and not together with other sweets

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Today we dispel another myth concerning chocolate: the one that wants it to be harmful to the health of teeth. From the conclusions reached by the experts gathered in the XXI National Congress of the College of University Teachers of Dentistry, it seems on the contrary that (dark) chocolate is an excellent ally for teeth and smile, able to prevent tooth decay and loss of enamel.

According to experts, in fact, even if sugar is present (enemy number 1 of the health of the teeth), the antibacterial substances found in chocolate are able to counteract it and naturally keep bacterial proliferation at bay. Has explained like the doctor Antonella Polimeni, President of the National College of University Professors of Dentistry: "Bitter cocoa contains natural antibacterials that prevent Streptococcus mutans from producing glucan, a sticky substance that helps germs stick to teeth by forming plaque and creating the conditions for sugars to be transformed in acids corroding the enamel “.

Il bitter cocoa what we talk about is that at 80% and, experts warn, it is only good if consumed alone, not together with sweets rich in sugars and carbohydrates. Under accusation therefore, given the upcoming holiday, the Easter dove which, on the contrary, eaten together would nullify the beneficial effects of chocolate on the teeth. It is therefore better to focus on the Easter egg rather than on the other typical sweets of this holiday.

La smile diet, according to the experts, it would also surprisingly include the coffee, wine and cheese. Then there are gods foods what are they doing "toothbrush" effect, like the blueberries rich in antibacterial substances that slow down the formation of plaque, yogurt, mushrooms, chicory and raw vegetables in general.

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