Carbohydrates: Which grains are best for you if you have diabetes, according to nutritionist

    Carbohydrates: Which grains are best for you if you have diabetes, according to nutritionist

    As nutritionist Flavio Pettirossi explained to us, those suffering from diabetes must not eliminate carbohydrates but consume the right ones

    Do not store avocado like this: it is dangerous It is often believed that people with diabetes must necessarily eliminate carbohydrates from their diet. But is it really so? We asked "our" nutritionist. There is no doubt that those suffering from diabetes must pay particular attention to their diet, relying on the advice of an expert to best calibrate the daily diet with the aim of keeping sugar intake at bay. Diabetes is in fact a chronic disease in which blood sugar tends to increase and, to keep it under control, in addition to drug therapy, a specific diet is also recommended in which foods with a low glycemic index prevail. However, this does not at all mean that carbohydrates must be completely eliminated, as the nutritionist Flavio Pettirossi explained to us: More and more often we are led to think that the diabetic patient must eliminate carbohydrates to avoid raising blood sugar, but this belief is wrong. In fact, the diabetic patient must absolutely not do without carbohydrates, what he must pay attention to are both the quality and the quantity of carbohydrates to be consumed. What should diabetes sufferers avoid and favor? Pizzas and bread substitutes with added fat such as bread sticks, crackers and taralli should be avoided, but you can eat pasta and rice in moderate quantities. The carbohydrates to be preferably included in the diabetic patient's diet derive from whole grains and legumes. It is very important for the diabetic to consume whole grains and whole grains, this is because the fibers contained within them help to slow down the absorption of starch. The same goes for legumes which with their fibers help to avoid sudden increases in blood sugar. We can therefore include in the diet: brown rice, spelled, barley, oats, millet but we do not necessarily have to deprive ourselves of a good plate of pasta (always wholemeal). What other advice can we give to people with diabetes? It is important to remember that every meal must be complete with all the nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibers, therefore a portion of vegetables must never be missing, then a first course and then a second even not in this order, in fact starting for example from the vegetables you can avoid a rapid rise in blood sugar. Alternatively, you can also make a complete and balanced dish by seasoning the pasta with a mix of vegetables and a little parmesan or with a simple sauce and then continue with a second course or with meat or fish dressing. In another article we talked about the advantages of eating legumes in case you suffer from diabetes or want to act in prevention. Read also: Because if you suffer from diabetes, legumes are one of the best foods for your diet


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