Breast cancer: software evaluates the risk of getting sick

The DMScan is able to identify the risk of breast cancer well in advance thanks to the screening of breast density

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Il breast cancer it affects many women all over the world every year and although the percentage of healings is much higher than in the past, it is still a very scary disease. Early diagnosis is of paramount importance and in this regard today there is an interesting novelty: it has been conceived a software capable of identifying the percentage of risk to get breast cancer.

To develop this device, called DMScan, were some researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with the collaboration of the Carlos III Health Institute and the Fisabio Foundation for Health and Biomedical Research. The software will be able to perform early assessments thanks to its ability to examine mammography, focusing specifically on the breast density, a factor that if well evaluated is able to help understand the percentage of cancer risk.

“The breast is composed partly of adipose tissue and partly of glandular tissue, the density is the proportion of the latter to the size of the breast. Our software quantifies this value, distinguishing between dense and fatty tissue ”explained Rafael Llobet, author of the study that led to the realization of the DMScan.

From previous research carried out it seems that the higher the density of the breast, the higher the risk of getting cancer. However, Llobet points out, that "density decreases with age and with the body mass index, two factors which, however, are related to the possibility of developing this type of tumor and which have been taken into consideration in this work".

The software can perform your screening in an assisted or automatic manner e is based on a statistical model that analyzed data from 650 mammograms.

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