Are month of birth and illnesses linked? Risks month by month

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According to a new study, a particular "propensity" towards one or the other disease could be closely related to the month of birth.

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Month of birth e diseases: there is a correlation? Could you be more likely to develop stomach ulcers or asthma if you were born in April? Or have thyroid or heart problems? Osteoarthritis or osteoporosis? Well, know that, most likely, one particular "propensity" towards one or the other disease it could be closely related to the month of birth.

In a new study, Spanish researchers have shown that a person's month of birth could be linked to chronic diseases that develop over the course of a lifetime. Scholars ofUniversity of Alicante so they looked for links between the months of birth of 30 thousand participants in the surveys and the risk of 27 chronic diseases and they would be surprised by the squeeze correlation between the two parameters.

For example, they found that men born in the month of September are three times more likely to suffer from thyroid problems, while women born in July are 27% more likely to become hypertensive than women born in another month.

In short, if it is from time immemorial that we have tried to see in the date of birth a sort of mark capable of determining what a person's life will be like, now science also wants to study whether there is really a relationship between the way of being and the month in which the light is seen for the first time. Needless to say, perhaps what appeared to be mere superstition might actually have a scientific foundation of its own.

The Spanish team also provided some good news, such as the fact that men born in the month of June are 34% less likely to develop depression and women born in the same month are 33% less likely to suffer from migraines.

Why these links? Perhaps, according to the researchers, it is possible that the seasonal variations daylight, sunlight and disease can affect children's health at critical points in their development. This may explain why September babies, for example, are healthier than any of their peers (after absorbing all the summer sun and vitamin D in the womb).

Want to know what chronic disease your future holds? Here you are the probabilities according to the month of birth:

  • January

men: Constipation, stomach ulcers and back pain

women: Migraines, menopause problems and heart attack

  • February

men: thyroid problems, heart disease, osteoarthritis

women: osteoarthritis, thyroid problems, blood clots

  • March

men: cataracts, heart disease, asthma

women: arthritis, rheumatism, constipation

  • April

men: asthma, osteoporosis, thyroid problems

women: osteoporosis, tumors, bronchitis

  • May

men: depression, asthma, diabetes

women: allergies, osteoporosis, constipation

  • June

men: cataracts, bronchitis

women: incontinence, arthritis, rheumatism

  • July

men: arthritis, asthma, tumors

women: Neck pain, asthma, tumors

  • August

men: asthma, osteoporosis, thyroid problems

women: blood clots, arthritis, rheumatism

  • September

men: thyroid problems, osteoporosis, asthma

women: thyroid, osteoporosis, malignant tumors

  • October

men: thyroid problems, osteoporosis, migraines

women: high cholesterol, osteoporosis, anemia

  • November

men: chronic skin problems, osteoporosis, thyroid problems

women: constipation, heart attack, varicose veins

  • December

men: cataracts, depression, heart problems

women: bronchitis, asthma, blood clots

Seems a bit like a cabal, don't you think?

“If you look at 12 months for each of the 27 conditions and the two genders (628 possible links), you can see a lot of probability models,” comments Dr Robert Cuffe of the Royal Statistical Society on Independent.

You may also be interested in the correlation between month of birth and illnesses:

  • The month of birth influences diseases: those born in May are healthier
  • The season of birth affects behavior and mood

In fact, what matters in life is not so much relying on chance and avoiding being born or giving birth in the most propitious month, as for lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well and do lots of physical activity.

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