Activated Zeolite, what it is, how and why you should use it if you have a nickel allergy

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Thanks to its power to "capture" heavy metals, zeolite is a valuable aid for those suffering from nickel allergy

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Thanks to its power to "capture" heavy metals, activated zeolite is a valuable aid for those suffering from nickel allergy

Zeolite is a mineral of volcanic origin well known for its detoxifying properties, in particular for its ability to "capture" the heavy metals that circulate in our body, so that they can then be disposed of more easily. A specific type of this mineral, activated zeolite, can also help those suffering from nickel allergy.

Nickel is a metal that is found in many foods and objects of common use, in itself it is not harmful but people who are allergic must pay close attention. Obviously, first of all, we must try to limit exposure to this metal as much as possible, eliminating some foods and avoiding using (or worse still wearing, see rings or earrings) objects that contain it. Read also: Nickel allergy: useful tips to limit contact and allergic reactions

This is certainly not a definitive or miraculous solution but, as part of a broader action to tackle nickel allergy, activated zeolite can also play its part.


What is activated zeolite and how does it work

It is a particular type of zeolite, clinoptilolite, which thanks to its porous structure and a chemical reaction that occurs inside our body if we take it, manages to trap toxins but also metals such as nickel.

Zeolite is subjected to tribomechanical activation, through a physical or chemical process that allows it to react more easily in contact with metals, toxins, etc.

And it is precisely this type of zeolite that is commonly found on the market as a natural detoxifying remedy and which, in the case of nickel, can also help relieve the dermatological symptoms of allergy.

The advantage of the zeolite, that it is taken in the form of powder or capsules (but which can also be used externally), is that it passes into the intestine, trapping nickel (as well as other metals or toxins) in its pores and then being disposed of by the excretory organs without creating any type of digestion problem.

How to use activated zeolite in case of nickel allergy

So how to use zeolite in case of nickel allergy? If taken in powder form, a dose of 1 teaspoon of zeolite is generally recommended 3 times a day, before main meals and always with plenty of water.

In capsules, on the other hand, the dose is 3/4 inclusive per day depending on the brand (the indications are however shown on the packaging, always read them carefully).

Keep in mind that, as already mentioned, it is always good to use this remedy as part of a 360 ° action to deal with nickel allergy. We certainly cannot hope to simply take zeolite to see the various symptoms that this allergy causes disappear.

Always ask your doctor for detailed advice, even regarding the supplements you intend to use.

Where to buy activated zeolite

Activated zeolite can be purchased in herbal medicine, pharmacy, parapharmacy and of course also online.  


Taking zeolite can lead to episodes of constipation, it is therefore good to always associate a very high dose of water with this supplement (preferably 2 liters or more every day). 

In the case of taking drugs, it is good to first hear the opinion of the doctor, as well as if you suffer from diseases.

In all other cases, zeolite generally has no particular side effects. 

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