With this military technique it will only take you two minutes to fall asleep, seeing is believing

Going viral thanks to a video tutorial on TikTok, this technique would allow you to fall asleep immediately and enjoy an excellent quality of rest

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A good quality of our night sleep it is the key to being active and full of energy throughout the day. Too often, however, when we go to bed, we struggle to "unplug" and think only of rest: the thought of impending deadlines or activities that we will do the next day, anxiety or worries about the problems that grip us and so we see no solution, second thoughts on things we have done and that we could have done differently, or better. In short, the brain is too busy to think about sleep - with the result that in the morning, after a night of anxieties and worries, we get out of bed already tired and with little desire to do.

Fortunately, there are techniques that can help us to be more relaxed and fall asleep more easily, for the benefit of our daytime health. One of these is a special technique implemented by the military (for which rest is essential, even in adverse conditions) and re-proposed on TikTok by the personal trainer Justin Augustin: his video tutorial quickly went viral, reaching nearly five million views.

Here's how this "magic technique" works. Once in bed, with your back resting on the mattress, we begin to focus on our breathing: we take very deep inhalations and exhalations, to make sure to release the tensions accumulated by our muscles during the day. We pay attention to every part of our body - the jaw, the cheeks, the eyeballs behind closed eyelids, but also the arms, legs, fingers and toes - and we ensure that there is no tension in every part.

With each exhalation, imagine pushing our whole body down, to make it adhere more and more to the mattress. We also imagine a sensation of heat spreading throughout our body, which originates in the heart and then radiates towards the periphery. Finally, let's imagine two ideal scenarios that can help us to relax: we are lying in a canoe, on a calm lake, and we stare at the blue sky above our head; we are lying in a black velvet hammock that surrounds us, inside a dark room.

We must have particular care inprevent thoughts and worries from peeping into our mind and prevent us from resting as we would like. If we find that we are distracted, we repeat the words "Don't think" for ten seconds and take the thought away from our tranquility.

Obviously this technique will not be effective from the first night: it takes some training to master it and to learn to relax quickly and well. But, assures the author of the video, if you exercise consistently for a period of at least six weeks, you will really be able to fall asleep in two minutes or so. All that remains is to try to believe ... and good sleep to all!


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