The benefits of the sun for body and soul

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The sun, king of summer, and its benefits on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

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The sun accompanies our life. The apotheosis, of course, is in summer but in every season, its light and its heat are indispensable for the Earth. Dante affirmed that "there is no visible thing, in the whole world, more worthy than the sun to act as a symbol of God, since it illuminates itself with visible life first, then all the celestial and earthly bodies" (it is no coincidence that in every civilization has always been a solar divinity: not only "male" - like Ra, Sun God of ancient Egypt - but also feminine, like the Goddess of the Sun by Arinna which had a celestial, terrestrial and even submarine role).

Not many people know that - as some video animations show - all the planets of our solar system chase the Sun and in doing so create a dance, a sort of truly spectacular vortex. Why do they do it? On an archetypal and symbolic level, the explanation is clear: it gives strength, energy; it is the concrete symbol of the possibility of manifesting oneself, of openness to others, of the generosity that enlightens and warms everyone, without distinction and without asking for anything in return. It is love that makes you feel safe, allows you to unravel the darkness of fears and to see. It is manifestation and realization. The sun's rays make all these aspects resonate within us, allowing us to come into contact more directly.

The Sun gives rhythm and a clear and warm light to our days. It kills microbes, sanitizes the tissues, also allows healing: much is known about the benefits of exposure to the sun of the body (among them: prevention and treatment of cancer, homeostasis and calcium metabolism; treatment of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, 'Alzheimer's); as the Dr. Bona it is good to expose yourself to the sun "for short and different times depending on your skin type but without using sunscreen" to be able to reap all the possible benefits, including stimulating the production of vitamin D. For those who want to dare, with all the necessary precautions and attentions, there is also an ancient technique, called Sun-Gazing: looking for a few seconds straight into the sun (only if it has just risen or already on the sunset line) - every day - would lead, within nine months, lasting and profound well-being on all levels.

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The positive effects are also psychological, for the soul: the sun - with its light and its heat - invites us to open up, the reverberating light - for a long part of the day - it helps to clarify, it pushes to look within and becomes an important stimulus for change even in cases of depression. Scientific research confirms that, to all, the sun brings an additional note of happiness and greater availability towards others. It is no coincidence that summer is the time when we make friends most easily and - as always when the weather is good - according to a study by the University of Michigan, themood improves and so does memory and creativity.

The yellow-sun shades diffused in the air give revitalizing information, positively stimulate the solar plexus: we feel stronger, more charged (it is also true, however, that if the heat is too much our brains work worse, we become more irritable and aggressive: let's take this into account, perhaps at the end of a day at the beach with medium-high temperatures; if we have to study, we prefer the cooler hours of the day).

Are the considerations made up to now on the psychological implications always valid? All right, no, not for everyone. Klimstra and other psychologists who study the effects of good weather have divided humanity into three types: those who love summer (and they get all the benefits); those who hate summer (they also exist, who like cold and rain) e those who hate rain (always dissatisfied, both with good and bad weather).

Which group do you find yourself in? Anyway, good summer that remains ... everyone!

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