Forgiveness is the only way to be free again

Anger, frustration, resentment are poisons that can, in the long run, also cause illness. The strategy of forgiveness.

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

Anger, more vivid and roaring, as well as resentment (deeper and more subtle) are both feelings that can ruin our life in many ways: bruised with rage, rotten liver, inc ... black avatars are talking images.

Anger can arise from pain and from a sense of overwhelm suffered and is accompanied by frustration when it has not been possible to respond in a way that is adequate for us, sufficient: in a constructive sense, they have the task of inducing a response, not dropping the fact. in oblivion, turning the event into learning. If they persist beyond a "physiological" time of "digestion" and processing, give and give and give, these images are embodied, they become deaf resentment: an energetic characteristic that is not only transitory but stable that places our body, our organs in a situation of weakness. This can also have an impact, in a more comprehensive way, on general well-being and can then take the form of a disease. But not only that: it pollutes our predisposition to life, it affects trust in relationships. It becomes our "background".

Grudge is, without a doubt, our worst enemy: it's like taking a dose of poison every day to make someone else die. Not a strategically effective choice, in fact.

“When we hate a person - according to the spiritual master Frame Mikhael Aivanhov - we are linked to her by an emotional bond stronger than steel. The hated person gradually becomes our master; he comes to mind day and night; he takes away our sleep and serenity and deprives us of the joy of living ".

So? “Forgiveness is the only way to break that bond and be free again”. Said thus it seems simple, and in fact it is and it is not at the same time.

From a spiritual point of view, whoever has hurt us in some way has given us an (uncomfortable) gift, showing us our vulnerabilities, our naivety, our forgetfulness. It is a sort of "revelation" that we can treasure, to take care of that part, to make it stronger, to learn new strategies that allow us to do, see, know in a different and more conscious way in life.

From a psychological point of view, forgiveness is not easy if our ego and our pride are allies and do not want to give up, as stubborn as they are, far from dialogue with the wisdom of the heart. But - even only from a strategic point of view - forgiving is the best and most effective selfish strategy: because the one who benefits from it, in the first place, is the one who puts it into action. In other words, to forgive or - better - let go of the pain and not get attached to the memory of the facts; leaving an event from the past in the background and returning to live in the present is an act of empowerment that releases energies and makes them available for new abilities. That makes us go free.


For this to happen, it is important that the forgiveness be sincere and authentic. It goes without saying that this does not take away the possible responsibilities of the person and the possible condemnation of the gesture: it is a question, however, of broadening the gaze, seeking the teaching that every experience brings us. Letting wounds heal and become strengths. It is no coincidence that the Greek root of the word "forgiveness" means "to change". For gift. To better live the present and build a new future.

Anna Maria Cebrelli

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