The 10 most common dreams and their meaning

What is the meaning of our dreams? Let's find out the possible meaning of some of the most common dreams. Dreams are messages from our unconscious.

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You would like to know the meaning of your dreams? It is very important to take into account that there is no single interpretation for a particular type of dream. L'dreams interpretation in fact it is based above all on a deepening of the dreamer's experience.

To try to better understand the meaning of your dreams you should therefore refer to your life and the aspects you care most at that particular moment, since they could be reflected in your dream activity.



Let's find out the possible meanings of the most common dreams and the symbols they contain. We advise you to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up in a notebook in order to remember them as much as possible.

Dreaming of flying

Usually this type of dream is attributed a positive meaning related to success and happiness that is approaching. According to some interpretations in dreams, the feelings we experience are often more important than their content. So if the experience of flying in a dream was positive, the interpretation will be a good omen. Are you afraid of taking the plane? This side of yourself may be reflected in dreams. If you dream of flying and feel fear, look within yourself for the reasons.

The 10 most common dreams and their meaning

Dreaming of losing a tooth

This is another fairly common dream. Usually the attributed meaning in this case it is not exactly positive. In fact, the loss of teeth in the dream is linked to mourning and illness but it could also relate your problem low self-esteem or a difficult phase you are going through in life. Take courage to overcome it. There is also a positive interpretation: dreaming of losing a tooth can mean money on the way.

Dreaming of a dog

Dream of a dog that is caressed means good incoming profits and lasting and sincere friendships. Dreaming of barking dogs could mean bad news coming up or potential difficulties you will face. Dreaming of being in a kennel could indicate that you feel abandoned or that you fear that the people you care about will leave you alone.

The 10 most common dreams and their meaning

Dreaming of being naked

It can happen to dreaming of being naked and to be in an environment where we should be wearing clothes instead. Perhaps some of you have happened to dream of being naked on the street or in the workplace or having forgotten to wear shoes or other clothes during the dream. If we dream of being naked in public and not feeling ashamed, perhaps it is because we know that we must not fear the judgment of others, if instead we feel uncomfortable, perhaps we are letting ourselves be influenced too much by the point of view and by the words of others.

Dreaming of the death of a loved one

Dreaming of someone's death extends the life of the protagonist of your dream or at least that's what popular tradition has handed down to us. But often when we dream of the death of a loved one we begin to worry a lot and feel anxiety. In reality death in dreams it's a transformation symbol. Maybe something is changing in the life of the person you have dreamed of and in your relationship with her or him. Dreaming of death is therefore not a bad omen, indeed it could represent the sign of a positive change.

Dreaming of going back to school

Even if we have finished school for some time, sometimes we happen to dream of being back in the classroom and maybe having to study for the baccalaureate exam or for a test at the university. Perhaps in life we ​​are now facing challenges very different from school exams and study, challenges that are probably even more difficult. Dream of back to school it could indicate a desire to relive the past. Faced with a dream of this type, we can only take courage to face the future in the best possible way.

The 10 most common dreams and their meaning

Dreaming of a betrayal

If you dream of being betrayed by your partner, you will probably wake up full of doubts and fears and perhaps with that little desire to really accuse your other half of betrayal. Unless you have real suspicions, it was just a dream that might have to do with yours low self-esteem. Start working on yourself to improve it.

Dreaming of a friend

What is dream of a friend? This kind of dream can represent the presence of a true friend in your life or it can indicate the search for an aspect related to yourself and your personality that is reflected in the person you have dreamed of. Dreaming of a friend can also highlight your desire to socialize and forge new relationships with others.

Dreaming of getting lost

Se you dream of getting lost or wandering aimlessly your dream It could mean that you have not yet identified your true goal in life, but it can also symbolize your desire to seek. Perhaps during your days you need to identify and set the real goal that you would like to reach with your daily commitment.

The 10 most common dreams and their meaning

Dream of fire

Il The fire it is a very powerful symbol. In many cultures, fire is linked to renewal and the desire for change. If you dream of fire, maybe it means that you will finally be able to say goodbye to a difficult period and open yourself to all that new and positive life has to offer you.

Do you never remember what you dreamed of?

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