Let's use less WhatsApp and hug each other more

    Let's use less WhatsApp and hug each other more

    Do we really need to spend a lot of time on WhatsApp giving up physical contact with loved ones? Or do we need more hugs?

    WhatsApp, and the Internet world in general, have revolutionized interpersonal relationships allowing you to virtually reach even people very far away. An undoubtedly important contribution thanks to which, today, we are able to talk to anyone, wherever they are in the world.

    At the same time technological innovation has paradoxically distanced us from each other. Because we used to communicate virtually, we gradually forgot the importance of physical contact, of direct communication not filtered by technology.

    On the other hand, the average time we spend on phones is constantly increasing and according to a research by Lancaster University, published in the journal Plos One, on average we use this device five hours a day, looking at it at least 85 times during the day, without however realizing it.

    Un excessive use that has negative repercussions on human relationships, both because it makes us less likely to meet people, and because during the outings in company it often distracts attention, interrupting conversations and the intensity of relationships. And the same negative repercussions would affect love relationships, as Baylor University research suggests, severely tested by the use of WhatsApp and other mobile apps.

    It is truly a paradox that an application capable of connecting people who live over great distances is the cause of ours lack of human connection! And all because of the dependence on these applications, and on smartphones in general, now demonstrated by numerous researches, including one entitled "The truth about smartphone addiction".

    How to fix it? First of all, trying to "disconnect" by replacing the smartphone with other activities, and perhaps forgetting it specifically at home during the outings, so as not to fall into temptation. In fact resisting is easier when WhatsApp is out of sight with his persistent messages!

    Turning off the WhatsApp notification ringtone can also be a small but significant contribution. However these are only strategies that do not solve the root problem. To do this, a deeper reflection is certainly needed and it is necessary ask yourself questions.

    For example, wondering if it really makes sense to talk to many different friends and acquaintances by exchanging written or voice messages, giving up more and more often to the live meeting. In conclusion Wasn't WhatsApp born to create connections? What is the point of using it to disconnect from real life? Maybe we really need to more hugs and fewer voice messages!

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