Walk of gratitude: what it is and why you should try walking by training positive thinking

The walk of gratitude is an effective way to train positive thinking and improve one's perception of things

The walk of gratitude is an effective way to train positive thinking and improve one's perception of things

The walk of gratitude, Gratitude Walk is a business said to have been devised by Tony Robbins, to promote one positive mindset and help manifest the goals that are being achieved. If you've heard of the law of attraction, you may know that you can attract positive or negative experiences simply with your thoughts. 

It is the science of positive psychology, according to which more positive emotions lead to more happiness, health and success in life. You can train your mind to focus on the positive and have a better overall perception of life, because if you are happier and more satisfied, you will also be up to chasing those goals and dreams that you have set for yourself, ready to take action to achieve them.

To train the mind for positive thinking, the walk of gratitude it's a simple and effective way just like the meditation.

The benefits of a walk of gratitude

The walk of gratitude has so many benefits for the body and mind, as:

  • improves mood, increases happiness and makes you smile
  • favors the focus on objectives
  • has a calming effect
  • helps get rid of toxic thoughts and emotions
  • it reconnects the brain to looking at things differently
  • cultivate an appreciation for what may not have been appreciated before
  • increases self-esteem and increases empathy
  • improves sleep
  • opens up to inspiration
  • increases blood circulation

How to take a walk of gratitude

There is honestly no right or wrong way to take a walk of gratitude, the main thing is focus on being present and grateful. You can take a gratitude walk alone or with your friend or partner, you can express gratitude silently, aloud as you walk, or even share the things you are grateful for with your walking partner.

Before starting your walk of gratitude, set an intention; for example: "With this walk, I will discover gratitude in and around me in ways that will elevate my understanding and appreciation throughout my life." Now turn off your cell phone, and start feeling your feet grounded and connect to your breath by taking a few inhalations through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth.

During the first half of my walk focus on being present and start with some breathing work: take deep breaths and free your thoughts. Next, he observes the details of nature around you, such as the warm sun on your face, the cool breeze on your back and tries to savor everything, the positive sounds and smells around you. 

Try to find gratitude in your ability to walk and as you walk, stay connected to the ground; feel your footsteps and keep your spine long and head up, walking with your body, mind and heart open and grateful. If you have a hard time letting your gratitude flow, you can start by saying aloud what you are grateful for about your body: “I am grateful for my eyes that allow me to see,” “I am grateful for my ears that allow me to feel "," I am grateful for my feet ", etc ... Or you can start with something you own:" I am grateful for my car "," I am grateful for my home ", etc ...

Turn your attention to the outside too, look around you and observe the nature that surrounds you, you can be grateful or appreciate the path you are on, the clouds in the sky, the birds in the trees, the sun warming you etc ... Also, find gratitude for things you never thought you'd be grateful for, such as challenges pass; for example the employer who fired you, who actually did you a favor because you didn't like the job and you found a more suitable one; or the loss of a difficult relationship that has taught you so much.

Be creative with your gratitude; look inside and listen to yourself. When your walk comes to an end be thankful for any mental, physical or emotional changes and most importantly, allow gratitude to live in you for the rest of the day and beyond.

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