VegPyramid Junior: the vegetarian guide for parents, children and adolescents

VegPyramid Junior is a useful vademecum, with information, advice, examples and tables, which illustrates the benefits of the vegetarian diet since childhood.

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VegPyramid Junior is a useful vademecum - with information, advice, examples and tables - that illustrates the benefits of vegetarian diet since childhood. Choose one Vegetarian diet for your children without the help of a doctor it can be dangerous, because there is a risk of making mistakes in the choice of foods, in the method of cooking, in the doses and in the combination of foods, but what if the doctor does not agree with the parents' choice?

The VegPyramid Junior guide - written by Leonardi Pinelli, Ilaria Fasan and Luciana Baroni and published by Sonda Edizioni - intends to fill this void in front of which inexperienced and disoriented parents often find themselves.

The Guidelines offered by the book now represent a system "tested" by all those who have used it and offer indications and advice for creating balanced, complete and tasty vegetarian menus, dedicated to all age groups, from 1 to 18 years. Kids and adolescents in fact, have different needs than adults and must therefore follow diets different from their parents.

The book contains nutritional information on foods and fundamental nutrient groups, indications on the main diseases caused by an unbalanced diet, the analysis of energy needs and requirements of the different age groups, indications for the menus of the school canteens, divided according to the caloric intake. Finally, VegPyramid demonstrates that following a balanced and controlled vegetarian diet (and giving up the dangerous do-it-yourself) can have many health benefits and a greater chance of longevity.

But who are the authors of this guide? Leonardo Pinelli was Professor of Preventive and Social Pediatrics and Director of the Diabetology, Clinical Nutrition and Obesity Service - University of Verona and is the author of over 250 scientific publications in international and national journals, is a member of international and national scientific societies and vice president of the Society Scientific Scientific of Vegetarian Nutrition-SSNV.

Ilaria Fasan is instead a dietician specialized in pediatric nutrition, since 2008 she collaborates with the Scientific Society of Vegetarian Nutrition-SSNV, she is co-author of the university master in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics of the Marche Polytechnic University and works as a dietician in the clinic of the Pediatric Complex of Mantua.

Luciana Baroni is a medical director, specialist in Neurology, Geriatrics and Gerontology, with an International University Master in Nutrition and Dietetics. In 2000 you founded the Scientific Society of Vegetarian Nutrition-SSNV, of which you are president in office. In 2008 you wrote a first edition of VegPyramid and is co-author of popular texts.

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