10 tasty recipes with peaches

Peaches are among the most loved fruits of the summer, good and thirst-quenching they lend themselves to the creation of many recipes. We present 10 of them, some more classic, others decidedly original.

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Peaches are among the most loved fruits of the summer, good and thirst-quenching, they lend themselves to the creation of many recipes. We present 10 of them, some more classic, others decidedly original.

Peaches are a great source of vitamin A and C, antioxidants and minerals that are important for our body such as potassium. There are really many varieties with different characteristics in terms of shape and taste. Among other things, it is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen which in our tradition is used above all to make sweet recipes in which the characteristic sugary taste of well-ripened peaches is exploited.

If you have peaches available here some tips on what to prepare to make the most of them.

Peaches in syrup

Peaches in syrup are the classic summer preserves which can be made very simply at home with just a few ingredients, but it is important that they are of quality. Choose ripe and organic peaches to get the best result. Here is the step by step procedure to prepare them.

Vegan peach cheesecake

Have you ever tasted peach cheesecake? It can also be safely prepared in a vegetable variant, therefore without the use of real cheese, perhaps adding almonds to make it even more delicious. Here how.

Sugar-free peach jam

If you choose well-ripened peaches with a sweet taste, you can make an excellent sugar-free jam to be enjoyed all year round. In fact, sugars are naturally present in fruit and choosing more sugary peach variations can help make the jam sweeter. Here is the procedure to follow.

Peach flavored water

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A drink sweet and thirst-quenching perfect for the summer is the peach water which is made simply by adding a few slices of peach well washed and peeled into a jug of water or a glass bottle and leaving it to macerate in the fridge. Find this and other flavored water recipes here.

Peach iced tea

It may seem simple but preparing a peach iced tea at home does not always give the desired result, especially if you are used to the "artificial" flavors of those ready in the bottle. Follow our recipe for making iced tea and also read the secrets to making your tea perfect.

Karkadè ice lolly and fishing

Tired of the usual popsicles with classic flavors? Try this one original version based on karkadè and peaches, perfect snack on very hot summer days to cool off a bit. They are prepared starting from an infusion made with dried hibiscus flowers (the karkadè) and fresh peaches. Find all the steps to prepare them here.

Peach pudding

This is an original idea to enjoy peaches making a dessert suitable for young and old. In addition to fruit, you need few ingredients: almond milk, brown sugar and corn starch. To thicken it is recommended to use agar agar. Here the recipe.

Peach and macaroon muffins

With sweet and ripe peaches you can prepare original muffins with the addition of macaroons. The combination of these two ingredients allows you to avoid using additional sugars. Among other things, it is a light recipe without butter and in which milk can also be replaced with a vegetable drink of your choice. Here how to prepare them.

Peach and coconut biscuit ice cream

Se you don't want to turn on the oven but anyway you want a delicious peach-based sweet, you can try to prepare a fantastic peach and coconut biscuit ice cream. This recipe is very simple to make, excellent for a quick snack, a sudden desire for sweet or unexpected guests. Here is the recipe to follow.

Budwig cream

Anyone who has breakfast with budwig cream knows that there are different variations in which the different seasonal fruits alternate, as well as cereals and oil seeds. In summer, even every day, you can choose peaches to enrich your morning meal. If you don't know this "alternative breakfast" and want to understand how to prepare it, read here.

And after enjoying your peaches in one of the many variations do not throw away the semi, you can always plant them in the garden and watch your peach tree grow slowly.

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