Ode to silence! Because you need it to heal body, mind and spirit

Why silence should be part of your day to improve your physical and emotional mental health

Silence. Some of us welcome it. For others, the thought of sitting quietly is enough to make the skin crawl. But silence should be part of everyone's day and now science too is rediscovering its importance for improving physical, mental and emotional health.

In a hectic world and among the thousands of daily chores it is difficult to find a few moments to remain completely silent and to listen to that beneficial silence that surrounds us. Even seek silence it is not always an easy task.

Il silence it has that magic touch that can help us heal body, mind and spirit. We need it, for example, to find calm, tranquility and balance at the end of a long day. Or, if we wake up early, we can take advantage of the silence of the first moments of the morning to recharge our batteries.

The best way to try to enjoy the benefits of silence is to start meditating by sitting comfortably in a comfortable place away from distractions. In the morning or in the evening before bed or before getting up, for example, you can sit comfortably on your bed or on a pillow next to the bed.

To begin enjoying the benefits of silence you can close your eyes and listen to the rhythm of your breathing trying to follow it with the mind. Pay attention to the noises coming from outside your room and your house and then focus on the small noises coming from inside the building and then think only of those noises that could be coming from your body or from very close to you.

At this point you can let go of all the noises you have been able to hear and pretend to be in a completely silent place, almost as if you were floating alone in the center of the universe.

Here you will be able to find your silence. To keep your mind from becoming crowded with too many thoughts, keep focusing on your breathing. Your goal while you are alone in silence is to calm your mind and relax.

The practice of meditation allows you to feel within yourself the whole universe and of find your center. At the center of the universe you should imagine that there is no sound and that silence is the true sound of the universe. Feel immersed in the universe as you meditate. (read also Meditation: how 10 minutes a day can change your life for the better)

At first, listening to the sounds fills our mind which later, after abandoning the sound, is able to orient yourself towards silence, which is above all an inner silence.

During the day unpleasant sounds and noises they can disturb your mind and cause stress with consequences that affect the body and create tension. When you want to release tensions and really relax, choose silence and enjoy all its benefits.

Listening to silence brings body and mind into one meditative state of relaxation.

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Benefits of silence for health

Here are what they are the health benefits of silence and a silent meditation:

1) Reduction of the loop and stress, ability to dominate stress to feel better.

2) Strengthening of the immune system, reduced levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which can disrupt sleep.

3) Adjust the levels of the blood pressure.

4) Increase in the release of endorphins which is reflected with a sense of well-being and happiness and with a reduction in physical pain.

5) Improvement of attention, of the memoryand concentration and learning.

Silence and meditation help us to take care of both our body and mind easily. We should learn to give ourselves at least 15-20 minutes of meditation twice a day to begin to understand the benefits of this practice, which must be constant.

if when we begin to listen to the silence and to meditate the images of the actions we have carried out during the day appear in our minds we try to welcome the thoughts without moving them away and without judging them because at that moment these thoughts are part of ourselves.

Going forward with the practice we will be able to gradually reach our 'center', that is that point of calm, relaxation, happiness and silence to which we will always look forward to returning to feel better.

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