Mediterranean diet: keeps Alzheimer's and dementia away better than drugs

Some British doctors have written an open letter to the British health secretary stressing the importance of the Mediterranean diet in preventing diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

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The key to prevent Alzheimer's, dementia and other memory and brain diseases, it is not in drugs but in Mediterranean diet.

The gods claim it English doctors and wrote an open letter to Jeremy Hunt, UK Health Secretary. The aim is to raise awareness among politicians but also public opinion on the importance of supporting not only the care and treatment of those who already suffer from these diseases but also of investing in the future, therefore in prevention.

Experts invite a eat more fish, vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, olive oil rather than resorting to drugs. This is said to be "probably the best strategy currently available" and they argue that some "compelling evidence" has so far been ignored. They refer to several studies, the results of which have not yet been taken into proper consideration.

In the letter, signed among others by Dr. Chiara Gerada, former president of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and Dr. David Haslam, president of the National Obesity Forum, we read: "We hope that this crisis can be seen as an opportunity towards a real policy change, ie towards a Mediterranean diet, rather than towards the dubious benefits of most drugs ”.

A very important point on which doctors focus is the fact that, changing one's lifestyle for the better starting from a more correct diet, certainly has a greater beneficial effect than drugs on the growing wave of degenerative diseases that is being experienced. in the last few years. “We want to focus on prevention. To educate all generations, including our children, on the importance of a good health maintenance diet in old age. It is a project that will take years, but it is absolutely essential ”.

The letter, and it is no coincidence, arrives just before 11 December when the "G8 madness summitWhich will take place in London and which aims to develop global actions to stem the spread of various degenerative brain diseases. The expectation among British doctors themselves is great: "The G8 summit will offer a unique opportunity to make real progress, and redouble international efforts to find effective treatments and cures for dementia," said cardiologist Aseem Malhotra.

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