How to overcome the fear of being alone (the good side of loneliness)

We are used to considering loneliness as something negative, however loneliness can become a unique opportunity for personal growth

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We are used to considering loneliness as something negative, as a condition to be avoided. However loneliness can become a unique opportunity for personal growth that will lead you to find the best company, in yourself and in others.

Are you alone or do you feel alone? It is important to start asking yourself this question. Maybe we are not really alone, there are people around us but for some reason we are afraid of getting in touch with them. Maybe why we feel insecure e we are afraid of not being up to it of the situation and expectations of others (which we do not know, but which frighten and block us in our mind).

Loneliness sometimes arises from the fear of being abandoned or from a disappointment in love, even if it is not a rule that applies to everyone. In fact, there are those who voluntarily choose to spend a period in solitude to reflect on themselves and their lives and those who, on the other hand, after the failure of a friendship or a couple relationship go in a spasmodic search for the company of others and a group to be a part of.

In any situation of loneliness, choice or imposed, there can be a good opportunity to learn something new about yourself, for example to try to recognize your personal worth, to love yourself and to understand what makes us truly happy.


Overcoming loneliness

If you know that on the one hand loneliness is good for you but on the other hand after some time it starts to feel tight, try to be brave to overcome it. Try not to get stuck in the past. What we have done previously has now been overcome and new days have arrived to dedicate to change.

Is your loneliness related to low self-esteem? Then try to do a list of all your achievements in life and reread it every time you feel abandoned. Try to let go of perfectionism, recognize your worth, and try to live by your own expectations, not those of others.

When you want to get closer to others don't be afraid of express your feelings. Whenever you manage to deem yourself deserving of the gifts that life and that other people can offer you, your loneliness will diminish.


The good side of loneliness

Loneliness has a good side in it, a really great advantage: it increases our stamina and our ability to overcome obstacles. When we are alone and no one helps us we learn to recognize our limitations and our weaknesses and reduce the degree of dependence on others.

True, being alone can get frustrating and create great anxiety but loneliness also has great healing power. You may learn to think that your life can be happy and complete even without someone by your side. It is a thought that increases self-esteem and awareness of one's individual value.


Fear of being alone: ​​getting closer to others

If you want to get out of your situation solitude you will have to start getting closer to others. Even when you prefer to be alone for a long time, try not to completely isolate yourself from the world and do not lose the habit of going out and interacting with people even when it is simply about acquaintances.

Your period of being closed to others may have caused you to miss out on opportunities to make friends or to get to know some interesting people. Perhaps you will be able to find new friends among co-workers or reconnect with some family members that had become loose. Maybe you also have distant friends that you haven't seen for a long time and with whom it would be appropriate to get back in touch.

It is time to grow up to overcome the fear of loneliness

Both the loneliness phase and the challenge to overcome it and to reconnect with others are part of an important moment for your personal growth not to be underestimated. You are the only one who really knows why you are left alone or why you have chosen to spend a moment of solitude or to end a relationship of love or friendship.

The loneliness phase could be the prelude to your rebirth. Get ready for the best face social relationships and make new friends. Follow your passions and interests to automatically find people who are on the same page as you. Don't limit yourself to social networks to try to reconnect with others.

Sign up for a course, go to concerts, start playing sports, contact your best friends you haven't heard for some time and open up to people who are genuinely interested in hearing your story.

When you need a few moments of solitude again it will be just your choice, it will be 'therapeutic' and will serve to guide you towards a new transformation.

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