Giuncatina and primosale recalled for microbiological risk: brand and batch

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The Ministry of Health website has published a new food alert regarding Giuncatina and Primosale under the Santa Caterina brand

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The recall was issued due to a microbiological risk, a batch of these cheeses was in fact contaminated by a bacterium not better specified in the note.

The alert was only published on 7 March, with some delay given that the checks that identified the microbiological risk were carried out on 25 February. From 26 February the company decided to suspend the production of raw milk-based cheeses, starting to pasteurize the milk with which they are made.

As we have already said, the recall concerns the Giuncatina Santa Caterina (300 grams) e Primosale Santa Caterina (700 grams), the name of the producer on the package is Finocchio Giancarlo and the headquarters of the cheese production plant is Contrada Cordano 23 in Loreto Aprutino (province of Pescara).

Only one lot is involved, it is about the L250222, dated 25/02/2022 with minimum conservation term of 04/03/2022.

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Source: Ministry of Health

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