Fight stress and anxiety with these 3 simple tricks you can apply every day

Discover 3 simple tricks and things to do when you feel particularly anxious or stressed, a cure-all at no cost in difficult times

Three simple tricks and things to do when we are feeling particularly anxious or stressed. Apparently trivial, they can really help us in difficult times

In stressful situations, when anxiety seems to want to take over, it is possible to apply some tips and "tricks" which, even if at first glance they might seem trivial and obvious, can prove to be a cure-all at no cost in difficult moments. Moments that, in the last year, have certainly not been lacking.

Here, then, are three things to do when anxiety attacks you or you are overwhelmed by stress:


Use positive affirmations

Using positive affirmations, in times when we are particularly down, might seem rather a boring and useless practice. However, we must stop for a moment and reflect on the reasons why we feel this way. Isn't it because we keep repeating thoughts, images and hypothetical negative scenarios in our heads in which everything goes wrong and in which we could lose something or suffer?

We just torture ourselves with negative thoughts and affirmations. You have to become aware of this process. If we keep repeating these thoughts in our head there is no room for positive solutions that could, instead, help us to solve the problem that torments us, opening our minds to possible solutions, even within a few minutes.

What are the affirmations?

As you may have already understood, affirmations are words or phrases that are repeated over and over again to affirm a specific thought.

This is how we form negative (or positive) programs and beliefs throughout our life, mentally repeating things about ourselves over and over again.

However, in the same way that we have created these beliefs, we can change them in our favor.

When the fear, stress or anxieties, we can use a specific statement to redirect our focus. To make this strategy work, you need to:

  • use words and phrases appropriate to the situation, which can make you feel good on an emotional level
  • use these words in the present, so as not to leave room in the mind for possible negative assumptions.


If I'm stressed out because I'm afraid of getting sick, for example, I can create a statement like this:

"My body is healthy, my mind is bright, my soul is calm"

If I'm stressed out because someone has wronged me:

"I forgive those who hurt me in the past and peacefully detach myself from them."


Obviously, affirmations will not solve our problems as if by magic. As soon as you relax, we should be the ones to find a solution.

The benefit of positive thinking created with affirmations, however, is to wipe out unnecessary worries and open our minds to possible solutions.

Take advantage of meditation

A second very powerful tool you can use is the meditation. There are now hundreds of scientific studies showing how the meditation is able to release you from stress and bring countless "side benefits" into your life. (READ also: Meditate: 10 scientifically proven reasons to do it at least 10 minutes a day)

When practicing meditation, heart rate and breathing slow down, blood pressure normalizes and oxygen is used more efficiently and useful for our body. The adrenal glands produce less cortisol and the immune system is strengthened.

These physical effects create fertile ground for one clearer and more creative mind.

People who practice meditation find it easier giving up bad habits one can fall into when anxious and stressed. Such as smoking, alcohol or drugs. (READ also:Meditation: how 10 minutes a day can change your life for the better)

Detoxify your body

If you are prone to stress and anxiety, your body most likely is clogged with toxins. These toxins can be generated by stress itself, the foods we eat, the objects we use, the air we breathe, and various other factors.

Our immune system is able to eliminate most of these toxins, were it not that, nowadays, we are exposed to an exaggerated amount of these substances that end up accumulating in the body causing stress,weakening of the defenses, inflammation e chronic fatigue. (READ also:3 simple daily steps to eliminate toxins)

Hence the importance of detoxify your body to be able to experience greater mental clarity and keep anxiety and stress away.

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